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Fake devices Answered

I just took apart a cheap "solar" calculator that was actually powered by a small coin cell. The "Solar Panel" was colored cellophane. You ever find something like this?


Eh, that explains why some of me "solar" calculator and operate with no problem in the dark...

A friend of a friend bought a "rechargeable torch" with fake LED's that he had to replace.

Oh, we need photos of that!

Here's the "Solar Panel", and the hidden coin cell that actually powered it.


Ha! My friend's got that exact calculator, I'll see if I can "borrow it" for a day or two to see what I get.

Er, are you sure it wasn't "dual power"? Some calculators have both a solar cell and a button cell, in case it's shady where you are working.

The solar panel didn't have any wires on it, or connected to it.

Oh, fake indeed! They must reckon that the calculator is so cheap that you will lose it before the cell runs out.

Isn't something like this "fraud"? Like, false advertising or something.

Here in Australia we have the ACCC to sort out that kind of thing.

. Not if it doesn't say "solar powered" anywhere. You just mistook some decorations for a PV cell. Unethical (IMNSHO, most ppl would reasonably assume that it was a working PV), but I doubt if it is illegal.

Ok, unethical.

But I hardly think a dinky PV cell like that constitutes decoration. Now, a huge one... grumble grumble...

Write to the manufacturers expressing your intense disgust that they would fake using renewable power and demand a public apology. It probably won't work but it would be interesting to see how they respond.

No brand name D: It would be kind of funny.

I've seen fake "solar" calculators in my time as well. Must be an american thing...


9 years ago

There was a flurry of "shake lights" (coil of wire, big magnet, rechargable cell or cap, led) that contained non-rechargable batteries and no magnet (just a steel weight)... For all I know, they're still common.

I heard about those! Cant believe people do that, taking advantage of people who want to be green. No wonder our planet's in the toilet >:C.


9 years ago

i saw a tool gun prop (if youve played Garry's Mod, you know what i mean). ill see if i can find the pictures.

How Much DId it Cost?

I haven't but that's really funny. Where did you get it from?