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Fake lifestraw? Answered

Just curious I bought a lifestraw yesterday from a small local outdoor store and the guy is known to sell knock offs and defective products. Just wondering from the the people who have bought them before is there always a small shiny silver sticker over the mouthpeice thats says genuine a million times. Just wanted to see before I used it on potentially bad water. Thanks


You've probably already tried an image search on the word, "lifestraw" for to look at all the pictures other people have taken of their LifeStraw(r)s. E.g.


Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen one IRL.

Also a search for "fake lifestraw" or "counterfeit lifestraw" might help if the fakes can be identified visually, and some thoughtful person has upped some pics of the known fakes.

Yah Im sure its real now it came in a different package then I thought they should but its legit!! Thank you for the help!!

So, you already know the shop sells a lot of useless crap and rubbish, still you buy there - why???

What gave you the idea he sells useless crap and rubbish?? There are some knock off clothes and purses but there is alot more legit stuff for great deals then fake stuff. Besides I have bought alot of things in there and all of it so far was good, if Im in doubt of something then Ill go home and research and go back and buy it if its good.

sounds risky where your health is concerned.