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Fallout Pip-Boy Iphone Answered


I've been coming to this website for some time now and I must say there are some very creative people on here kudos to all of you.

Any way my topic is:
I'm thinking of making a Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000-style case for my Iphone 3G  (when I get one that is) and be able to wear it.

I have seen a topic on here that is similar and I've seen a video that someone has already done this but it was made out of the Limited Edition clock and frankly I just can't afford that it costs roughly 90 pounds, just too much for something that I'll be taking apart any way.

I was thinking of creating my own Pip-Boy out of a plastic tube, some polystyrene and an old screw case but after a talk with my father Polystyrene just crumble's so that's gone down. Then i though why not make a mold out of plasticene (modeling clay) but how do I go about that?. What is the material I need that will be sturdy enough to keep my phone safe?. Resin wont do nor will fiber glass.

Can anyone tell me what is a good compensation for those or will those two work?.

Yours sincerely
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I made mine with low grade leather and PVC, it's pretty cool and match my Vault costume eheh.. There are some good tutorials on how make a good one on Internet.
Also, I'm using an app for iPhone called PipClock.. It's not exactly the PipBoy (I guess there are some license issues), however it's pretty cool, there's also a freaking Geiger counter Ahahah

come over to www.wastelandoutpost.com we have like 5 different tutorials on building pip-boys.


8 years ago

 I'm considering the use of Sculpty to make the shell, although I think that much clay would rather pricey. 

This is exactly my idea as well! Fimo clay is the way to go! im going to make the part to actually go around the forearm out of some black PVC then build up the Fimo or Sculpty from there. i also would like to incorporate a small speaker so i can play the soundtrack of the game and maybe a rad meter that responds to battery life.. im building this for halloween and intend to get started very soon, so i'll keep you all posted when I get my iphone 4 and my next pay check

the one im making is going to make is going to be out of either low grade leather or low grade pleather (whichever i can get cheaper) the iphone/ipod touch holder is going to be encased in a leather wrapped rubber case that i can just snap it out of, then its going to have all the add-ons made out of... something...

You can buy a pip boy clock off of ebay and remove the clock then put in the iphone somehow or a mold of the pip boy!!

 leather, PVC, metal hard case would be cool like aluminum or maybe titanium