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Kay so I'm doing a project here basically i need you to fill out this survey of people here on ibles just give a name for one category and try to pick the most influential people here and also try to pick someone who you could recognize by their avatar any day Please pick a new member every time Sorry, but Kiteman cannot be an answer he is already forced into another spot 1 who is an ibles member who stands tall and knows to pick their battles wisely 2 who is an ibles member who is always right and has a rock solid defense 3 who is an ibles member who is always here and you can't get enough of I know, there weird questions, but that's the best i can do without giving it away



9 years ago

As long as you already think I'm profile stalking you... is this some kind of secret project? And for my votes... I third bump and linux 1. Bumpus 2. Bumpus 3. Bumpus

Am I detecting hurt feelings?

yes, very hush hush votes duly noted

okay, not making much progress here so im also going to add a bit more these peoples avatars are going to be modeled kiteman has already been done Im trying to see who else has a simple avatar like that and is also famous at the same time I mean, i will include others who's aren't like that

You know that Kiteman has been sock-puppeted, right?

As if it matters....I have two avatar images, one easy and one hard :-) And I'm not just a real physicist, I also play one on TV.

Yeah, during the last 10 minutes of the Einstein 2-hour special. No speaking; I'm mostly an animate prop :-) I do have a great scene of me working really hard (you'll know it when you see it).

Follow the link above, which takes you to the episode Web site. I don't think pbs makes video available online, but they might.

:-) Yup. That essay probably takes as long to read as the total time I'm on screen in the show :-/

oh... BUH UR LIEK FAMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooohhh, i'm trying the flight simulator on google earth, but it's kinda tricky... as in: i can't get off the ground, lol

you just get google earth, then press ctrl + alt + A

I've been egged as well.

I guess that's a consequence of rarely changing one's avatar, especially one that looks people-ish - other members start to think of the avatar as me, even though my fizzog has graced several of my ibles, plus a couple of threads.

Ah, yes, thus the uproar when you changed your image. That was precisely why I was against it. Illogical though it was, seeing you all skeletal and creepy and hollowed-out looking (that one picture you tried briefly) literally made me shudder. I do like the one you have now though.

Skeletal and creepy?

Oh, you mean monochrome...

*Shrugs* That was my first impression upon seeing. IIRC, you used a stick-figure like, black and white figure. It was quite depressing...

well quit complaining it got you into my project!

Who's complaining? I'll bet the only other regular who's been ibled as often as I have is Robot himself!

1 Kiteman, Las Vegas, Nacho Mahma are the masters at battles of words, but in a fire fight I'd go for Gmjhowe, Nacho Mahma, and the Skunk Clan 2 No one is every right, but those who get damn close: Kiteman, Goodhart, Nacho Mahma 3 Adrian Monk, Bumpus (good 'ol pickle), Gmjhowe, Killerjackalope (goodtimes), Lemonie (oh how I miss him!!!) ((very few know who Lemonie was...))

I remember Lemonie, but no, I don't know who he was.

Hmm, we all have a dark side, it is just that some let it out more often then others ;-)

It's been a year since Lemonie been round last :'(

do you any experience with blender? i just need some beginner stuff

I can't seem to get enough of myself... that help?

Yes! I nominate you after me! You're too awesome for your own good!

Now that's got to be a good thing... Thanks keith, I nominate you for the keithiest keith this keith.

Cuz with me and KJ here, there is too much awesomeness to contain. OK, just KJ, but since I'm here, might as well get some credit....


9 years ago

  • who ... knows to pick their battles wisely
Huh? There are battles here? I feel so ... out of touch!

Oops, just noted the date.... Nov. 14.....2008 *sigh*

IIRC, you said that it wasn't a battle but....

Battle? Where? I think that was more of an efflorescence of ideas :-)

Okay, maybe an excrescence...

Aside from Creation Vs. Evolution issue, I'd say the rest are just skirmishes!

1) Skunkbait 2) Goodhart (since I can't use Kiteman) 3) Jessyratfink (well, okay, just her temporarily current avatar)

Heh! We'll make a YEC out of you yet (bwa hah hah hah!). Now we just have to get you to believe everything written in some book is True (but which book? Hmmmm...how about Hoyle).

You know what I like about you, I never get any of your references, it's refreshing.:-)

Wait, it finally sank in, with the help of google ;-). I'm more Huxley than Hoyle TYVM.

And TYVM! Unlike some members, you actually went and looked stuff up on your own. How refreshing :-) Wait a minute....doesn't that mean you went ahead and thought for yourself? Curses, foiled again!

Well, I am certainly not always right, but I am always willing to learn :-) and I am always the first to admit my mistake when someone points them out to me, but I appreciate the thought :-)

1. NachoMahma 2 LasVegas (He doesn't seem to be around much anymore) 3 GorillazMiko