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Farewell my community Answered

I just want to take this chance to say goodbye. As most (if not all) of you, probably don't know, I am a mormon of missionary age. I received my call to Billings, Montana and report on the 24th of July, though I don't know how much I'll be on the site between now and then.

Thank you to all the awesome people on this site who have put up with and answered the questions I've asked when not thinking (really, go back and read them), and all you awesome people who have commented on my instructables and given feedback. I will be gone for the next two years, so if it seems like I've gone comatose, it's because for all intents and purposes, I have. If you have any questions regarding my instructables, I won't be able to answer them after I report, but other members of the community, and my brother (should he choose to reveal himself) should be able to answer your questions. Till we meet again in two years, I fare thee well.


You can take the maker from Instructables but you can't take the Instructables out of the maker. We'll see you when you get back. (I suspect you'll do some tweaking, modding, and general making while you're out there, so take some photos for eventual Instructables.)

Billings is cool. It's no Bozeman, but at least it isn't Great Falls.

billings montana?
can you pick assignments? where will you be living? do they even have electricity and indoor pluming in montana?

I'm not sure what you mean by picking up assignments. I will be living in church assigned housing all throughout the state. I imagine they do have electricity and plumbing, though not to the degree of, say, Phoenix Arizona or New York New York

i did a little research.
before i thought you could pick a location to do your missionary. I did not realize the Church sent you.

You must be mistaking G-d's Army for the US Army. Did you read the fine print when you signed on the dotted line? You is US property now, including soul, one each.

makes sense, they want 8 years of actual work, i get less done all day than most people do before 9am, good enough for government work.
war is chaos, and the American Army practices chaos on a daily basis.

You can request a place, but ultimately the church decides. You have to accept or deny the call after you get it.


5 years ago

I feel your pain and have felt it many times over, for very nice personable youngsters of your religion that I knew when they were called and never were the same friends afterward again.

I strongly resent a religion that charges its Missionaries to NOT read a newspaper, NOT watch_media and NOT listen_to_radio on the punishment of forced shunning for disobedience..

This edict is portended to be the the godly directive, 
interpreted by men who speak with their god and
hand out the gods direct orders for the faithful !!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be going. We are not forced to go, just encouraged. I did not mea n to sound sad or resentful, though I do apologize if I did. This was really more of a till we meet again.

I understand and know you are happy to serve and help your church to prosper.
I rejoicing with you about your upcoming mission.

Never the less, I still resent old men who claim to talk and understand their god
and interpret god's will for the faithful followers in the church.

When within each of us is the ability to reach our God through our own heart.


Aye, IOW there are plenty of people in one's own neighborhood to help.....

Wasn't planning on it :), just warning people that I was going to go comatose on this site.

Well, just don't take down your page. It has some nice things you HAVE made listed there.

Yes, in life there are things with a higher calling than Robot. Good luck.

Thank you. I can't tell you how excited I am right now.

Forgive my ignorance but will your making be curtailed due to religious practice or is it that as a missionary you will be sent to some isolated place?

It's that I will only have access to the web for email to friends and family a couple minutes a weeks, and will pretty much be working from 6:30 am to ~9pm every day, so I won't have the time for making, unfortunately.