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Fart for science! Answered

Deep down, everybody loves a whoopee cushion.

Yes, even you do.

But what makes the funniest rubber trump? Short and high? Long and flobberly?

And then there is the flip side of coin - what sounds do we hate most? Babies crying? Dental drills?

The University of Salford Acoustic Research Centre is running two parallel online surveys to answer those questions, and you can help - follow this link to find both surveys. The fart survey is linked to Red Nose Day, so I expect the results will be out in mid-March.

Sound surveys
(No personal data is collected beyond gender, age and general location)


something probbly crashed or exploded behind him in it though

See the pipes on the right? They're venting gas off an oil rig and burning it.

. Yep. Petroleum gases* are frequently found with oil deposits. If there is not enough to make it profitable to transport/sell, they burn it off. Also used as a safety valve if pressure in the drill string becomes too great.

  • Methane, propane, butane, &c. Commonly sold as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Red nose day? *sigh* sounds like it was made just for my present (sinus infection) condition :-)


9 years ago

I wonder why there are two streams of fire behind him, a good photographer would have arranged to have it be only one if possible.

I knicked it via google - it's probably just a couple of mates playing around off-shift.

I know, I know, I saw this years ago

DEEEENG!!!! I thought fire coming out of your rump when you pass gas only happened on TV.

Look at the image carefully...

Methinks I will donate data...