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Fasion tips for outcasts Answered

What kind of clothing and accessories do outcasts wear? I am kind of punk right now, but a discussion on this topic would be appreciated. thanks -Spikes


make sure it has no logos or graphics if you want to be a walking billboard, at least get paid for it unless it's sold by a online store by somebody that you like


11 years ago

To be a true geek, you should be totally oblivious to the idea that what you're wearing would make any difference to anyone other than the guy at guarding the door of your favorite restaurant (and they should be tricked into finding you a table anyway. I remember one con where we tried to get seated at the "good" hotel restaurant. "You must have a reservation", they said. Even though the place was empty. So we went around a corner to the house phone, made a reservation for T+5minutes, came back then and were seated without further problems. OFFICIAL dress codes are a different thing; some places are worth getting dressed up to eat at...) So like, usually, shorts or jeans and a really obscure and cool T-shirt.

It's clothing. wear practical garments. Not whatever is popular because it's popular. i wear carhearts, most of the time. Pants that I can get showered in sparks, or walk through brambles, and not notice.

carheart is gangsta should be baggy tho.

..gangsta? There...work clothes.


11 years ago

dude metal is the way to go mostly. never wear bright colors unless its an awesme black tee shirt with minor details. always wear dull and dark colors, and guys wear baggy clothes. you should look like ghetto. maybe sortof matrix you git the idea. trust me im a gang boss THE PARIAH

Look at the homeless and copy them. Do you know that the punk rock look is over 30 years old now? So forget about the look and think about the spirit of making your own stuff instead.