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Fastest roller-blade wheels on a budget? Answered

By next spring, I want to get new roller-blade wheels to put on my street luge. I would only like to spend around $25 at most. I live near a Sports Authority, and semi-close to a Dicks Sporting Goods. Any ideas? thanks


You want wheels with the following attributes:

1) Large Diameter with majority of mass centered around the bearing. This gives the wheel a lower moment of inertia which allows them to accelerate faster.

2)  High ABEC rated bearings.  As frollard mentioned most of the speed you are looking for will be dependent on the bearings not the wheels.

3)  Hard (As frollard mentioned), you will feel every bump, but if you're rolling on a relatively smooth surface these should provide less contact area to the ground and therefore less friction, assuming the wheels are the same size and shape.

AKA: Buy almost any large diameter speed skate wheels, use a good pair of bearings and you should be set.


Buy them from the shop furthest up a hill...

The harder the wheels, the faster, but the less grip.

The better the ball bearings, the faster -- this is a big part in your speed.