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Fat loss or weight loss? Answered

I am a freshman in highschool and i am big and i will admit it but i want to lose weight for the baseball tryouts in the spring of 2014 please help me with routines but i want to keep pills out of this .


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

The fat you eat is the fat you wear diet.

This goes for vegetable oil and vegetable oil is fat as well as animal fat so lean meat and poach it do not fry it.

Processed meat is loaded with fat like hotdogs; bologna, hamburgers, and sausage this includes sliced meats from the dely.

No butter or margarine on toast or bread, or processed food like tofu and peanut butter, and yes peanut butter is loaded with peanut oil that is vegetable oil and vegetable oil is fat.

No snack food like potato chips it is loaded with fat.

Walk for an hour every day don’t drive or ride, eat sensibly and a balanced diet about 1200 calories a day.

On this diet my wife lost 250 lb and my son lost 190 lb.


rickharrisJosehf Murchison

Answer 5 years ago

Totally true that you are eating the calories that appear round your waist.

Oddly starving yourself isn't a fast route to getting thin. Your body is genetically inclined to reduce your metabolism if it detects your eating less.

In hard times continue your body appears to convert muscle to food, (after all it is protein), rather than fat which is more use as a fast energy store.

This is thought to be a result of our ancestors stuffing when food was plenty full and then in harder times when food is short the body conserves what it has. Moderating your diet to eat as much as your using keeps things in balance.

The 5:2 seems to surprise the body into keeping your metabolism going in the lean days so using up some of the stored fat as a simple energy source but never getting to the point of being so protein short it converts the muscle..

There appears to be some evidence that animal fats are better for you than saturated or processed fats.

In reality junk food does little to fill you up so you eat more. There may be some truth in the idea that fats trigger the pleasure centres of the brain as well.

The hardest thing with regular approach to dieting - eat fewer calories - is it takes a lot of discipline - and if your not to become a yo-yo dieter you need to accept this is your eating life for ever.

The 5:2 diet allows you to have some junk food on occasion. as long as your not eating it 5 days a week!. It makes changing your diet and breaking bad habits easier and more likely to succeed.

And finally exercise has been sown to be a very poor way to lose weight if that's all you do.

Yes it helps to be more active but studies have found:

1. You work out and use energy and feel hungry - that's how your body works. takes a lot to not eat when you fell hungry and self justified because your working out.

2. You need to do a LOT of exercise to use up many calories. In practical terms this isn't going to work for most people. When I was young I cycled or walked every where - 6 miles a day to school, I had to, we didn't have a car not many people did in the 50's.

I was out all day playing, running, walking, chasing etc. It was our entertainment and adventure. Sadly - or perhaps not we no longer do that but still consume just as much as we always did, with processed food perhaps a lot more in calorie terms.


5 years ago

Do you got coaches at your school? Ask one of them thats what they get paid to do. And they would appreciate the initiative.


5 years ago

I like rick Harris's idea. I might try it myself. Only wanted to add a small comment. Be careful of trying any starvation diet. That kind of diet will make you lose muscle instead of fat. And... because muscle is the only thing that burns fat... now you are on a downward spiral. Make sure you eat nutritious foods such as UNCOOKED vegetables. Cooking destroys nutrients that your cells need. And... don't do what SUMO WRESTLERS do. They eat NOTHING for breakfast... NOTHING for lunch... but at dinner they PIG OUT. then they go to bed and PACK ON THE POUNDS while they sleep. Eating late in the evening is not a good idea. Better to eat a little something for breakfast and lunch so you are not following the sumo wrestler diet plan! One thing I should mention about the Sumo's... they exercise all day on an empty stomach. So, underneath all that fat... they do have muscle.


Answer 5 years ago

The 5:2 diet doesn't count as a starvation diet. and has been studied and is recommended by many doctors. Of course it is sensible to make sure your fit but most doctors would see weight loss if your over weight as a positive thing.

If you want some 650 calorie meals i can share.

typically on diet day I eat:

Breakfast - a portion of porridge - or a weighed portion (35 gms) of commercial cereal - I prefer the porridge. A drink usually water in summer or black tea with lemon in the winter.

Lunch I have 2 apples cut into slices to make it last longer. I put a little lemon juice over it to stop it going brown - I use the left over lemon juice in a cup of black tea.

Dinner: yesterday I had 1/4 bag of kale , 1/4 bag spinach leaves steamed for 20 minutes , 1/2 red pepper sautéed in a little olive oil, a small salmon fillet steamed with the vegetables for 5 minutes.

I made a sauce with 1 table spoon of crème fresh and a little skimmed milk, a vegi stock cube and the red peppers.

Greens drained and on the plate - salmon on top sauce over the salmon.
After I had another cup of lemon tea. Any other drinks were water. I keep a jug in the fridge to keep it cool.

As a result from yesterday morning to this morning my weight fell by 2 1/2 pounds it will go up a little during the week as we have a couple of nights out when I won't stint myself :-) but I know any weight I put on I will lose over the next 2 diet days. If I wanted to get below my current weight I would have 3 diet days and would lose about 1 pound a week.


5 years ago

A diet you really CAN stick to.

OK you really want to loose weight and keep it under control.

24 months ago I weighed 231 pounds  today - this morning in fact I weighed 195 pounds which is inside my target weight range.

I have consistently maintained a slow but sustainable weight loss over the 24 months and not felt hungry or the need to snack. I have even managed to eat some of the less healthy things I like, drink some what and still lose weight

HOW? I followed the diet regime in the link above.

This only requires you to actually diet 2 or 3 days a week. Not consecutive days. On those days you restrict your diet to 650 calories for the diet day - The rest of the week you can eat pretty much what you like. although avoiding junk food will speed your weight loss.

I picked out 5 600 calorie meals and rotate them - As long as you bulk your meal up with green vegetables your not going t be hungry or tempted to snack. Keep busy On diet days and you won't notice the lack of bulk at lunch time. Avoid alcohol on diet days.

Read it - it works - follow the links I gave and if you want to know more I can suggest some 600 calorie meals for you.

Good luck - You will feel better, look a LOT better and have more energy.  REALLY!