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Faucet night light - water tap Answered

I'm interested in trying to make a faucet night light . (google it in images) - its a brass sill plat out door tap that looks like it has a water droplet and its illuminating GREEN ...

I suspect it be fairly simple... to make the light go one or off - with a push button switch ( as the tap is screwed down)  as for teh water droplet any ideas??? I was thinking a  glob of  silicone.. ???? ( Thoughts?)

Where would I get the LED from and would it work with 110volts?

I figure I could just get a small plug in the back of the faucet ?

Looking for thoughts and ideas on how to make it...



Seems easy enough. Get one of those flat plug in nightlights that are green/blue color. Glue/attach the water spicket to its face. Silicone for your drip. You may need to make sure inside the spicket reflects the light inside to be seen in the drip. Maybe silver paint or something. Can't wait to see what you come up with, neat idea.

The one in the picture turns on and off with the handle. So even though I really like you idea I am still looking of a DIY for this one.

It is easy to take the stem of the valve and unscrew it all the way out after you loosen the retaining nut. Hack it off and reglue/epoxy on to a rotary on/off switch fitted in the valve body to wire up to the LED.

especially those older "one way" rotery on off switches. You would only need to turn it clockwise to turn it on or off.

I'd also maybe coat the back and insides with some insulator like liquid electrical tape. Don't want it to get like you are grabbing a fork stuck in the outlet.


5 years ago

This is very nice

A plastic version is probably coming from china as we speak ! Look for it in your local store!


5 years ago

I am the original creator of this light. Took quite a while to figure it all out, which is why I went ahead and got it patented. Having a little trouble getting a buyer for the idea, but I'm still trying, albeit on a homeowner's budget. From the interest it's gathered, it's starting to look like I can just wait for somebody to copy it and then sue them.

Only if they copy it and sell it, and only if the patent's strong enough to stand it. I have a nasty feeling there is prior-art here.