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Faux usb adapter for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi. Answered

I was wondering if its possible to use a female-to-female usb adapter to connect a usb memory stick to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi with it's own usb connector? Is it possible?


That tablet doesn't have a USB port. Are you talking about finding some sort of adapter to give you a USB connection on the tablet's 30 pin dock connector? While such an adapter could be made so you would have a female USB connector coming off the tablet it wouldn't be of much use. The tablet doesn't have any way of IDing that a USB thumb drive has been plugged in and wouldn't know how to read or write files to and from the drive. If the tablet had a SD card reader on it then an adapter could be made to allow you to plug a thumb drive into the unit.

There is a Samsung adapter to add a usb port to the Tab and it does recognize usb thumb drives. There doesn't seem to be anything special about it. Just cross wiring to adapt a different connector. I was wondering if I could use a female-to-female adapter with the usb cable that comes with the Tab to recognize a usb recognized device or thumb drive. I did try it and I couldn't get it to work. Has anyone attempted this and succeeded? Is there anything else that has to be done? Any comments are welcome.

Ok if they offer a cable then you probably need an app to take advantage of it.


6 years ago

You could use a NAS drive (Network storage drive) that also has a USB plug in. That way you could get to the USB by going through the wifi and access it on the NAS.