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Fave K'nex gun? Answered

What is your favorite K'nex gun?



My Ultra Pistol 2. It's the most reliable knex gun ever made.

BR-18 w/ slide!

First off this should be a forum. Second my fave guns are the TBOS, TBAP, and my TNKIT entry ( not posted)

If someone does correctly answer this question correctly, why cant he?

If you don't understand just leave it!

What is your fave knex gun is an opinion. Everybody who answers this is correct.

 No not. You're really wrong if you answer My 11 piece block trigger
Its simple and powerfull!

he's right, this sould be in the forum....

It should be a forum becasue there is no best answer and there are many good answers.

That's fine, But I would repost this as a forum if I were you. You'll get more answers.


8 years ago

my soon to be posted sniper as its powerful for its size

then post it... XD

My favs are the Mezak oodammo gun and my PPOG

AR-4 v3. Now if we limit this to anything I have built but not invented (other people's guns) It would be the BR8.