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Favorite Art Pieces Answered

What's your favorite art piece?



9 years ago

No one has mentioned M. C. Escher?

Surprisingly not, I love him too, though.

Someone mentionned Bansky, now Goldsworthy so it's only natural to jump to:

Roadsworth is a nom-de-plume, he chose it in part to reference Goldsworthy whom he saw as a big influence (think of it as an urban version using urban "syntax").

They are all very interesting and creative. I love that kind of stuff.

Wow. That's neat. I love stuff like that...

Wow, those do look really cool. If I ever need prosthetics, that would be my first choice.

I like a lot of sculpture, of all sorts.

One of my all-time favourites, though is "An Oak Tree" by Michael Craig-Martin. I saw it at the Tate, and got in so much trouble for taking a photo and then walking away giggling.

I don't think the artist meant to be amusing, but I find it absolutely funny.

Sounds very Orwellian to me (how many fingers am I holding up....if the State or the artist says there are three then there are three even though four fingers are being held up :-)

Does he have to change out the water, to prevent dust and settlement from getting in?


Y'know, I'm sure this makes me an uncultured boor, but I really don't get that one...

Lol, I don't think he meant to be amusing either. That is pretty funny, though.

Definitely the giant rubber ducky.
I also really like Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory".


She's starting to get into Warhol. Which is kinda funny, as she wasn't cool enough to know who he was when he was alive. BTW- I was.

My sister the real "Artist" in the family (full art scholarship to Pratt and showings in Chelsea), loves Dali, but thinks Warhol should not be classified as an artist.

She sees him as more of an "arranger" than a creator.

I had a talk from an art professor about Salvador Dali today, in my critical thinking lesson. It was very interesting, dali was a very intriguing artist

Last year we had to do a project on an artist and a couple of my friends did Salvador Dali. I can't remember who my friend and I did it on... I'll have to ask...

That's cool. I love it when we get assigned projects like that.

Yeah those kind are definitely my favorite. My friend and I just figured out that we did Jean Arp for our project. I had forgot all about that project until I saw this forum topic.... XD

Wow. She's pretty neat too. It is avery cool style.

Wow. I love it. I always thought Salvador Dali had an interesting mind...

Pfft, Salvidor Dali..


I like Kandinsky in general. I did a black and white study of Composition VIII a few years ago in an art class. I'm not really one to gush about art though. I tend to just appreciate it and move on. :)

Interesting. I've never heard of him before. Same here, I'm not a very artish person, but I thought it would be interesting to know what people like.

I also love this piece:


I like that one too. I have always found an interest in Andy Warhol.

Frida Kahlo, any of her self portraits (she did many, many self portraits). I also like the fail whale.


Huh, I guess she liked herself. I like the whale, too.


9 years ago

I like Andy Warhol stuff, and Salvidor Dali

I think Banksy often has the ability to be rather poignant :-)