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Favorite Food Answered

  In an effort to get some discussion going in this group I am posting a simple question: What is your favorite food? If there is an instructable for you favorite food please leave the name of the instructable too. My favorite food is fried cucumbers and tomatoes or bubble tea. There are lots of instructables for bubble tea.


Seafood, raw is best.... with lime and tapatio. Then its not so raw anymore it cooks itself after a liil bit.

I like Pasta and macroni...

My favorite food nationality is Italian. Chinese, Thai and Mexican follow close behind. Between designing websites and writing product reviews, I do a lot of cooking. Love this one. Blue corn tortillas topped with a mixture of finely chopped green and purple cabbage, lettuce and shredded carrot mixed with safflower oil and lemon, salt and pepper until glossy. Top this with shrimp (or scallops) briefly sauteed in butter or ghee and top that with sour cream mixed with fire roasted chilis (chipotle sauce. ) Delicious.

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6 years ago

Pizza, fried chicken, Pasta, and kare, kare, dinuguan, pearl balls

favorite food is fish curry

I just like food! I have lots of favourite foods, depending on my mood. I love pasta with rich creamy sauces and heavy on the calories comfort food, but I also love lots of fresh veggies and light salads.
Being the chief cook and bottle washer in a household of people with a variety of tastes (including one vegetarian) I would have to say though, that my all time favourite food is anything cooked by someone else! Now if someone can direct me to an instructable about getting other family members to cook for me, I'd be very happy :-)

Either pizza or curry, the spicier the better :)

I love curry. I also like curried rice and spinach. yummm!

Favorite Food is Grilled Sandwich