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Favorite Inventor/ Creator Answered

Well, who is it? My favorite has to be Tesla. Its just that simple!


(All very shedly types...)

Tesla, hands down! Second, though, would have to be caitlinsdad :D

Da Vinci, followed closely by Archimedes. If we knew his or her name, the designer of the Antikyithera mechanism would be top of my list.

I'd have to go Tesla, followed by Archimedes, and also Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (mostly because I like his tunes, and his nickname is cool). Also, my crazy uncle who developed some of the guidance system for SDI.

Antikyithera mechanism? Ill have to look it up!

Sorry, I dont watch alot of t.v. Thats why I am going to look it up!!!!!. By the way, who is your favorite?

I've always been a big fan of Tesla, Hero of Alexandria and Philo T Farnsworth

Apologies for the misspelling. Look up "Antikythera mechanism" (one "i", one "y") in Wikipedia.

Does the person have to be an inventor ? Or can he be one that has discovered things, not necessarily put them to use yet?

If so, Federico Capasso, & Robert L. Wallace would be in the running for sure.

(Concerning repulsive Casimir-Lifshitz forces).

(Is it narcissistic to say "myself"? ;-D )

No, on a serious note I'd have to agree with Kelsey - it's very hard to top Da Vinci...

You might say why you've chosen this long-dead favorite? L

I chose him because I think all of his work is amazing! He did so many things with alternating current that I have found to be really cool. His Tesla turbine is also pretty interesting to me. I think it could be applied as a useful tool due to its efficiency. Bye the way, who is your favorite?

Thanks for the update, it's nice to know why people have favorites. I'm not someone who can pick one above another, because people invent in different areas. But what do you know of Charles Parsons in relation to electricity? Probably powering your computer right now... And Diesel is another obvious one. Easy to find a diesel engine, but where's your nearest Tesla turbine in practical use? L

Thanks for the article, it was most awsome!!! Darn you Edison! Tesla RULES!!!!