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Favorite Low Carb Recipes? Answered

My other half and I have recently come to the conclusion: you can only eat so much talapia. We need help. He's a type one diabetic (the kind you get when you're a kid and some nasty virus destroys your poor pancreas) so that means limited carbs, and preferably the good kind of carbs (fruits, whole grains, etc).

I've tried looking up recipes online only to find several very fancy, very expensive low carb dishes. Please help. We are college students who cannot turn to Ramen for this solution!

Cheers and many thanks to you,



6 years ago

My standard technique is to make a giant salad with lots of delicious veggies, and top with the protein of your choice. Ground beef with yummy spices, sausage, chicken, canned salmon, sardines, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, etc. You can go a very long way with this theory, and it lends itself to prepping once and eating many times. (Just store the salad and meat separately.)

Not really a recipe but food for thought. (pun not intended but still used it) With a limited diet like you must be on I suggest you not only look for other items to eat, we all need variety. But look into all the differant spices that are used in differant cultures and learn how to use them. A well stocked spice rack can off set a limited base of food choices. Talapia is a good "taste nutural" kind of fish that will become differant with the use of all kinds of spices. Think about how differant the fish would taste if fixed with Indian spices VS just lemon pepper. How you prepare and cook can also play a big part in its flavor. Ever BBQ fish? How about over a open fire? Baked in a oven or kabobbed with veggies. Thats the cool part about cooking, sooooo many options. I hope this gets the creative jucies flowing, and you could always take pics and post ibles on your recipes.


6 years ago

Consider shiritaki noodles. Almost pure fibre, very low in carbohydrates.

What about brown rice and red Thai rice? Pasta now comes in whole grain varieties. Look at soy products like tofu. Maybe if you buy those items in bulk, they should not be very expensive in the long run and be very filling. There has got to be good veggies that work with low carb diets. Good luck.

Thank you very much :) Thai rice is actually very high on the "do not eat me" list, but Basmati rice is better for you and that can work instead. I've been trying that with stir fry and staying away from the white rice we used to be so fond of (because it's inexpensive). I will look into your buying in bulk idea! Thanks again!