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Favorite Songs Answered

So, I just wanna know, what is your favorite song? My favorite song is Dreams of an absolution by Lee Brotheron, and lyrics can be found in my about me. What's your fav. song?


Many years ago, a friend got tickets to see the Who. He called to see if I wanted to go. I wasn't there, and my Dad answered. He told my friend that I probably didn't want to go! WHen I found out, I said "DAD, WHat did you DO??!!!!" He was like "I didn't think you wanted to spend the $20!!! I guess he figured with Keith Moon dead, it wasn't worth the money! By the time I got to my friend, he'd already given the ticket to his brothers' girlfriend! :-(

That is definitely my favorite Zeppelin song.

It's awesome! I used to know how to play the intro on my acoustic. But now I haven't been playing for months, so yeah. I only know bits and peices.

whoops, The full name for the Led Zeppelin isn't a link. Oh well.

Yeah, there are a lot of negative songs that I like to listen to. They have a good melody and such, but I ignore the lyrics because it always ruins the song for me.

It's actually not a song, it's a band: "Electric Light Orchestra." They released songs like "Do Ya", "Don't Bring Me Down", and "Mr. Blue Sky." You've probably heard them at some point or another.

By the way, I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic: "....very eclectic name for a song. =D" or legitimately asking, so I answered. If you were being sarcastic: Ha ha. Yep. :)

I'm not very good at picking up sarcasm via text. *shrug*

as a genius once said

"rap-the only word in the english language with a silent c at the beginning"

-"Jump"-Van Halen
-"Panama"-Van Halen
-Under Pressure-Queen with David Bowie
-"Radio Ga Ga"-Queen
-"Final Countdown"-Europe
-"Summer of '69"-Brian Adams
-"Hot Blooded"-Foreigner
-"Livin' On a Prayer"-Bon Jovi
-"Learning to Fly"-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Song of the year:

first song- awesome rap legend............... also like the second song........ i disregard the others...........

Yeah, its not rap at all... Much closer to reggae..

soulja boy

my song of the month:

......I actually liked that one.....

have a GF yet? you could play it at your dates. or if you think this is hardcore, get his other song

OMG you need to stop before we have an intervention

Master of puppets- Metallica.

One favorite of mine is Annies Song by John Denver.
I enjoy a lot of music styles / genres ... but that song aways make me feel warm & fuzzy inside.
Also, I am a huge sucker for the older Jim Henson songs from the muppets, specifically the songs that ' Kermit ' is famous for.
Am I giving away my age too much * laughing * ?

. Great song.
. For those viewers who are too young to remember:

. How about this one from Anne Murray? When I hear either song, it reminds me of the other.

I wonder how many can say they have visited the Anne Murray museum in Nova Scotia, Canada? We accidentially found it there on our honeymoon. I think it was a combo ticket with the coal mine. Good times.

Those both fall in my "guilty pleasures" category! I'm too cool to own up to my sappy nature.

Hey, It's not Easy Being Grown(Up).

I don't think I can name just one....I like so many types of music... The Dark, & also "I'll Keep Your Secrets", by TSO Black Moon, & "Daddy" by Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Season's in the Sun, by Terry Jacks What a Wonderful Life by Louis Armstrong Mandy by Barry Manilow &c.;

I'm not sure how I feel about Seasons in the Sun, but I still always turn the radio up when it comes on. Also, not really a Manilow fan, but Mandy is by far his best!

Seasons in the Sun is a sad subject, to be sure. Originally it was written to be an older person who was dying, but they changed it a bit (as well as who was going to sing it), since more people would empathize with a younger person dying. Such is the way of the world...

When I think of sad (but catchy) tunes, my favorite is Fire and Rain by James Taylor.

Uh, Isn't it "What a Wonderful WORLD?"

Hmm, yes you are right.....I must have been half asleep when I typed that.....not sure WHICH half though ;-)

Hmmm, this is a hard one. I'll just list a lot. I never get sick of these songs. Suffragette City & Starman by David Bowie Travel & Violet by Thao and the Get Down Stay Down My Moon My Man by Feist Yer So Bad, Honeybee & I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty Don't Stop Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson Tim's Song by The Affair In My Bed by Amy Winehouse Lonely Holiday by Old 97's Promising Light by Iron and Wine Lovestain by Jose Gonzalez Cat Food by King Crimson Set Out Running by Neko Case Hotel Song by Regina Spektor Paper Bag by Fiona Apple Dudley by Yeah Yeah Yeahs Hung Up by Madonna My big requirement is being able to sing or dance or both to a song. Otherwise, it never sticks. :P

I love Suffragette City! But I prefer Space Oddity and Life On Mars?.

Those are good, but I don't get cravings for them, really. :P

Yay! "Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong..."