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Favorite T.V Shows Answered

What are/is your favorite T.V shows/show?

Mine are:
Criminal Minds (really demented killers)
The Unit (Awsome/intence)
24 (awsome/intence)
My Name Is Earl (really funny)
Reaper (Funniest ever!)
CSI (Sometimes, See other topic/rant https://www.instructables.com/forum/TSM411NF9AC3FNX/ )
Everybody Hates Chris
Family Guy
Robot Chicken



Gosh where do I start???

Doctor Who
The Simpsons
Family Guy
Malcolm In The Middle
The Big Bang Theory
The F Word
Home Improvement
Top Gear
Two And A Half Men
The Office
House M.D
....and many more!

hey buddies  tv show which i mostly like to watch and my favorite are :
Desperate Housewives
The L Word TV Show
Inuyasha TV Show
Hannah Montana TV Show
Life TV Show
Grey's Anatomy Tv Show
Gossip Girl TV Show
Bleach TV Show
in all above shows i mostly like to watch and give first preference to watch Desperate Housewives episodes. it's an amazing comedy drama series. i love this show and had watch all latest and previous episodes. latest season 6 episodes of  Desperate housewives is awesome , here i also would like to recommend to all of you to watch

I don't really watch television as much anymore but I do love to watch... Mythbusters Future Weapons Nova Science Now Simpsons Family Guy America's Most Wanted Cops How it's Made Globe Trekker Dirty Jobs Sliders (I don't think they show this anymore) Futurama Scientific American Frontiers Innovation Who's Line is it Anyway Sienfeld Hell's Kitchen Kitchen Nightmares Bones Medium Weird U.S and Survivorman

well I have a huge list, but its weird since its summer I dont watch that much tv but whatever........... family guy (blue harvest was awesome, there making all 3 star wars movies) Simpsons robot chicken (star wars special was hilarious) aqua teen hunger force American dad king of queens everybody loves Raymond thundercats the super friends spider man and his amazing friends new spider man the batman batman (on WB) the office star wars clone war (it was on cartoon network) dragon ball z mad TV myth busters Connan O brian (triumph the dog is hilarious) Its always sunny in Phily. futarama 30 days......... I'll think of more!!!!

i like "the dukes of hazzard"

Supernatural Dr. Who Heroes Chuck Mythbusters The Simpsons That 70's Show Reaper Criminal Minds Robot Chicken Nova Bill Nye the Science Guy Scientific American Frontiers Wired Science The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Bill Nye is suing his ex because he says she tried to poison his vegetable garden.

Really? That's quite amusing actually...

Wow, I haven't seen Bill Nye the Science Guy for eons....he is still on ? Cool Wired Science sounds good too, but Haven't ever seen a listing for it. :-( Oh yes, I watch Nova now and then too. And I forgot the comedies I watch Sat night: Keeping up Appearances, Last of the Summer Wine, My Hero, Red Dwarf, The Red Green Show, and the old Monty Python's Flying Circus....when they are rerunning them. One I miss, and haven't seen for eons is "Fawlty Towers"; oh my word John Cleese is hilarious.

No Bill Nye hasn't been making scientists for eons :( Wired Science is a new PBS science show it's fairly good. Dang you just reminded me of a zillion more shows...

It's on PBS ? I will definitely check that out. Thanks

Oh yah My Family Last of the Summer Wine

My memory sucks... MOONLIGHT Red Dwarf Stargate Stargate Atlantis Monty Python The Red Green Show I know I'll think of something... Star Trek ( all of 'em) American Dad

The only programmes I go out of my way to watch are Heroes and Doctor Who. The rest I can take or leave.

(Although the BBC's repeats of Family Guy have been responsible for a few late nights.)

futurama the simpsons family guy lost jericho(why did they cancel it!) king of the hill the office mythbusters

In various alphabetical order :

Derrick (with the great Horst Tappert)
Ein Fall Fur Zwei (with the funny and incredible Claus Theo Gartner)
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Startreck : the next generation
BattleStar Gallactica
Malcolm in the middle
Commissaire Maigret (with Bruno Cremer).

Yeah ... yes, I know ... Only one french tv-show, two germans ones, and all the rest from USA =o)


10 years ago

(In no particular order) Mythbusters How It's Made Cash Cab Dirty Jobs Monk ( My favorite fiction show) KOTH

  • WIRED Science
  • Family Guy
  • Simpsons
  • South Park
  • House
  • 24
  • How Its made

Hmm, guess I am odd then: I onlhy get to see them on weekends because of my work hours, but I like: Myth Busters Eureka Mind Control Dr. Who Farscape ok, so I am JUST such a geek LOL

I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, How It's Made, Mythbusters, and a few more like Family Guy, Simpsons, and I don't feel like listing them all.

I like "How it's Made"

I watch that as background when I am doing homework. I also like "Dirty Jobs", Mike Row is perfect for that show.

Yea, I thought it was cool that they prooved great white sharks are afraid dolphins and elephants are afraid of mice.

Yeah, I also liked last years holiday episode of Mythbusters.