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Favorite Type of Dog Answered

So do any of you have a favorite type of dog? I like almost every dog breed there is that you won't accidently step on.......but I ESPECIALLY like Siberian Husky's.


 Boxers are the best.


Cute, we almost got a boxer once.



lol, hot dog!  With or with out tomato sauce?


8 years ago

Husky's are awesome dogs! 

My favourite is the Border Collie.  I've never had one, but my buddies one really grew on me and my next dog will definitely be one.


Yeah they are :)

That's cool, my dad had a Border Collie growing up named Skipper, from what hear from him their pretty neat dogs.

I don't blame you, their gorgeous dogs. I think if I had to pick a (by comparison) small dog as my favorite it would be a Beagle. In fact, we used to own a beagle named Molly.

 beagles are cool i like them and dachshunds for small dogs i used to have a 21 year old pitbull and now i have two huge white fluffballs

Yeah they are. 21 year's old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's quite something!!!

 yes she could of lived longer if she didnt have a couple strokes and if we didnt have to uthanize her

That's sad. I would be a Vet, but I would hate having to uthanize dogs.

 yeah me too i would be a doctor but i am wayyyyyyyyyyyy to squeamish

Yeah, another reason we should hijack an ambulance :)

 sorry it took me so long to respond my laptop died in a mcdonalds but yes yet another reason we should do so

I just noticed that I misspelled it too:  it should be Corgi. 

 i have two pyranese/lab mixes and they are huge and white and fluffy 

Any mongrel.  So many pedigree strains have in-bred health troubles...

Yeah, I know German Sheperds have a lot of hip problems.

As do many of the larger dogs,  my wife owned a few basset hounds before I met her, and they nearly always has hip displasia problems

Really?! I didn't know Basset hounds had that kind of problem. The detective in the show Columbo (old detective show) had a Basset hound, but I can't remember what he named it.

Yes, when they get older, many dogs of that "weight class" seem to have that problem.....
Hmmm, I remember Columbo, but don't remember the dog so much....I haven't seen that show for eons :-) 

Yeah. Haha, yeah it's pretty old.........It's fustrating cause' I talk to a lot of people that know the show that I'm talking about but they don't remember what he named his dog, and he hasn't named it on the show yet.

I remember now.....apparently that was it's name:

From a wiki article:   Children or no children, the couple do own a Basset Houndnamed Dog.

Named Dog :) I should have known he would name it something generic like that!!! Thanks a ton!

.  I prefer the four-legged breeds, especially those that are 25-50 pounds.

 Collies! They're what I grew up with. I also love corgis. 

I'm not much for dogs usually, but after being around two of them so often at my boyfriend's house, I'm growing pretty fond of them. I think I just understand them a little more now. :)

That's cool, my dad had a Collie named Skipper when he was growing up. Yeah, a lot of people don't care for dogs until they spend time with one.