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Favorite categories Answered

I think it would be nice if you could categorize ones own favorites.. Personally I've got 179 favorites, all stacked in a pile with no kind of sorting.

I'm thinking that a similar system to what pinterest is using, where you create your own boards and add the content as you wish..

Just a thought.



This has been brought up many, many times, as you can find if you put "favorite categories" into the search box. Why don't you use the much more sophisticated tools you have available in your browser?

What if I'm away from my home browser and want to view my favorites in a non-random fashion?

Then you export your desktop's bookmarks/favorites/whatevers into your personal Web space (everyone has that, of course, don't they?) and access it from anywhere, with any browser.

No, they don't...which is the whole problem. :( Also, it breaks the workflow; it would be nicer to have them accessible in the same site; it seems logical.

But why does every site have to try to replicate functionality which is already available to the user?

I dunno. Why do we have comment and forum features? Users could always type their message in Notepad.exe (or vim, as the case may be) and upload them to their personal webspaces, then add a single link instead of making comments.

I'm not saying they are morally obligated to add this feature; I'm just saying that I think it is perhaps a logical feature for them to implement, given the indication that users desire and would use it. It strikes me as the kind of thing that adds value to a PRO account.

I agree it would be a useful function, curious that there is no input from site admins on this subject.

increased functionality from a user perspective is a good idea. We think about these things and try to implement the best options when we do updates. This idea is on the list for a future update of the member page. Thanks!

Thank you for you support and you constructive comment, Im sure that the instructable team would notice the further need of a categorizing function when I search for a topic instead of bringing the subject to light once again.

What do you think?

Btw, I scanned the first 4-5 pages in the feedback part of the forum without finding it, without finding it. Thus, I made a new thread.
I have been frequenting forums for quite some time now, and I am familliar the the customs and etiquette..

I dunno... am I allowed to say "hi", or has that been said too many time before too?


:-/ Sorry you had so much trouble finding them. Typing favorites categories this morning pulls up forum topics on the subject as the whole first page (of course, the first hit is this one).

The fundamental problem is that I'bles doesn't use a third-party system for their back end. The've written their own database, their own scripts, and all that. Doing the development work to categorize users' favorites would take limited resources (one person) away from other work that is more beneficial to the site. At least, that seems to be the conclusion.