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Favorite knex gun Answered

Hello .... I have run out of guns to build .... if you would tell me your favorite knex gun so that i could build it..... thanks




8 years ago

dis 1

pic 103.jpg

seriously, I laughed soooooo hard when i saw that.

OMG!!!! dont point that at me! im scared! its going to hurt me!

Its teh DEVOURER OF SOULS!!!!1!!!!11!

I thought mepain entered that into the contest as a joke.

its no joke..

A knex gun similar to this was posted some time back... We all gave him the statements we give on block triggers.


8 years ago

Z35 BR18 KDTG(knexinnovation) Knexsayer(knexinnovation)Iac cannon Sipriani v2 Spiff Fx-9 tactical assault weapon Ar-4 v3 SR-v2 Stlp (knexinnovation) DD-27 and Zkar v2 I know you ment one gun sorry! also the ZLG (knexinnovation)

thanks for mentioning my gun!

No problemb it was one of the best guns I have made!

Er, my unposted singleshot pistol.

Also the silent pistol, and I haven't built any DJ Radio guns but they would probably be next on the list, thanks to the coolness factor.

Meh, out of all the guns I would recommend, I would probably say BR-v1. It had good performance, but the part where you pulled the trigger broke from the rest of it.

BR18 Z35 FX-9 crossbow V2 My long rifle. (no instructions) OSSR That's about it.

Im building the ZKAR v2 now.