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Favorite knex weapon? Answered

Ok, here's another random thread that asks a simple question. What is your favorite knex gun on the site? My personal favorite is oodalumps' first semi-auto. The one that uses like 20 pieces. It's small, REALLY semi auto, parts efficient, and gets about 10-15 feet in range with a super pathetic band. Now there's got to be some brains behind that project! And it's all around fun to use!!!


Ok. Not my favorite, but one of the best is...

Sipriani Rifle!

Seriously. If you have not, make it now.

Ok. I just counted, it has 55 yellows, and less of everything else (except mabey green rods)

I'll have to google a picture of a number 64 band cuz I don't know what bands are what, lol

Its the standard thick ones. Postal elastics, as they are somtimes called.

I did, I got no good pictures, I'll try again. Does not knowing what a # 64 band is make me pathetic?

Not perticularly. They are just normal thick elasics yout use for all sorts of things.

if you go to office max or something the bags of rubberbannds will have numbers

I would choose iac heavy cannon v4 or killerk's srv1

i made a couple of the sipriani rifle v2's and had a war XD

My favorite would have to be my reinforced XKR :)

(removed by THE GREAT POWNER!)

(removed by community request) LOL ,i LOVE Louis XI's (somthing like that) semi Auto

i guess

nvm forget it, i guess there would be no way to back up my point, ill delete the last few comments.

yay! my second argument won on ibles and first argument won without help

and i might like my AR-4 commando v2 when completed

ok, my favorite is either my longbow SR-L or my AR-4 sniper remix. other than my guns, i would say Banana inventor's 10-shot rifle (the one in the book)

I like all of my guns, but my favourite of all of them is the storm 222. It was a pseudo semi auto with respectable power and unlimited shots. Aside from mine, I will say i am canadian's heavy cannon v4 micro, purely because it was the only cannon I have built and shoots far

Sigh, the point was to boast other people's guns, not your own. Which I guess you sorta did as well.

Kool. How far's it shoot?

I don't really mean to take too much pride in my guns but my favorite just has to be the TDS. I find my mini-er version just a bit more fun to play with.

That's cool, I've never personally made the TDS. Sidearms are just boring to me.

I personally like small weapons better than bigger guns for now. It's fun trying to pack as many features as you can into a small gun. I did make a bigger version of your OKP. In fact I have a video of it that I never uloaded yet. It is really awesome. It's still small like smaller than the TDS but still does decently well. I just couldn't make it good enough to use to take too much power.

Can you pm me the video, I'd love to see it. And sorry the original OKP didn't work out for you. : (

I might upload it later today if I get the privacy from my parents to. The OKP worked as far as reliability for the most part but it was just difficult to get working. I tried taping it but it still didn't work too well.