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Favorites Folder Answered

Hi there, I love this site and as a result am slowly accumulating a massive amount of instructables in my favorites. Now when I'm feeling creative, I'm having a hard time finding something appropriate in my tome. A good solution would be the ability to organize favorites by topic. Like a folder system. That way, I could go right to an electronic project (for instance) if I had a folder for that, instead of having to sift through a ton of stuff that, though I enjoy, isn't what I'm currently looking for. Anyway, a humble suggestion. Perhaps others have the same situation.



9 years ago

Well, I'm going to just save the PDF's and make my own folder system on my compy.

Hi! I am addicted to Instructables! Wonderful!! But I am a Newbie. Please help. Many times I click on "favourite" and then go looking for them again. Where have they gone? Help please!!

At the top of any screen, click on "You" (after you've logged in). In the left-hand column of links, you'll see the word "Favorites." Follow that link.

Instead of using the "favorites" system provided by I'bles, why don't you just use the "bookmarks" available through your browser? Then you can organize them as you wish.

If you saw my bookmarks, you'd know. I put some effort into organizing those today. So perhaps that implies good reason not to have a folder system. I use people's favorites a lot to find new things I wouldn't have found otherwise. If I find a person with similar interests, its likely that they've favorited a few interesting projects. So, I like to keep my favorites up in hopes it will interest somebody with the same strategy. A folder system might be useful for that as well.

yes! good idea I have 281 favorites!!! this would be a much welcomed inprovement