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Favouriting projects Answered

Hi, I'm new in this site :) I'm trying to save a project in my favourites, but everytime I click on the button it shows up an error message:
error 400 -- user Foxsubaru (USER) is not in required role, OLD
Why? :(


You have to be a Pro member to use favorites.
It is a question that comes up again & again on here the last time I saw it was only a couple of days ago.

I was asking because in this page:
it says that free members can access favourite feature too. . .

good point...what's going on here? are we being swindled?

Don't know :( Maybe it's just a site internal error. . . :/

Is there a way to bring this to Site Staff attention? :) You know, I like a lot of stuff here, and it's hard to remember everything without saving it :D

Another option, if you always use the same browser on one computer, is to simply use your bookmarks. Most browsers now have methods for you to organize bookmarks into categories (folders), and even nested categories.

Yeah I'm saving them in Chrome's bookmarks, but it's already a mess XD

.  I use Firefox, but I assume most browser will allow you to create folders for your bookmarks. This makes them much easier to organize. I have an Instructables folder with several sub-folders (iBles, profiles, &c). In Firefox, I can access a nice bookmark manager from Bookmarks:Organize Bookmarks... Chrome should have something similar.

. Already done. This topic is in the Bugs section so one of Robot's minions will see it.

Oh ok :D You know, I'm new so I don't know how things work in here :)

It would seem to me that to be swindled money would have to change hands.
As free members this is not the case so we can't really be getting swindled can we :-)

It's been noted, and added to the list of things the programmers need to re-code. I'm not sure how soon they'll be able to get to it though, hopefully in the next week or two.