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Feature Enhancement Request: Search Result Sorting Answered

I love the on demand search results on the web site, however at times I feel the need of having an option to sort the result by most viewed or most favorited entries. Along with an option to see only winning entries. Do you think it make sense to have this feature?   


This feature is already availbale as Mike said. Although, there is no option for winning entries but there is usualy a trophy next to the 'Ible :-)

You can *see* they trophies, but can't sort to see *only* trophies.

Yes, indeed that it what I meant :-) - When browsing throught 'Ibles, you can see the trophies next to the 'Ible. See the pic below (I've circuled the medallion):


Yes, know what you meant, but the author wants mod than that.

Oh right, I understand. Thanks for helping explain.

After typing in your search term you can use the dropdown menu to refine your search for "featured" and "popular". You should be able to see the view count on each Instructable below the thumbnail of each indexed result. There used to be a trophy next to view count to show a winners/finalist in the search results, but you can see that on the top right when you are viewing a project.

Mike.. thank you for the prompt response. I know the features you are talking about, perhaps I could not explain myself properly. Please see the attached image just to have an idea of what I am expecting.


I see now, thanks for explaining it. That would be helpful to refine searches like that, I'll add it to the pile!