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"Feature comment" on slideshow is broken? Answered

I tried to use the new "feature comment" checkbox out of curiosity on Jake's comment here, which popped up a yellow error box saying

400 -- QUESTION objects are not sticky-able

By the sounds of it this feature is a few hours old so I guess the kinks are still being worked out.  Is there some documentation on what the feature actually does?  I gather it pins a comment to the top of the list of comments and disables replies to that comment...?


Same result for me. (AWESOME new feature btw)

.  <heavy sigh> It looks as if Kiteman has broken something else. When will he learn not to push the shiny buttons?

Am I missing something? Where does Kiteman come in in all this?


Reply 8 years ago

Secretly, it was actually Kiteman who made the artefact 4,000 years ago. His magical cutting mat of +1 Alchemy allowed him to make it impermeable to anyone seeking to understand its purpose. Another little-known fact is that his famous shed is actually a time machine, allowing him to receive inspiration for countless projects from a distant future race of kite-people. In the future, people will hunt air krakens using fighting kites and roast their meat on welded barbecues :)


Reply 8 years ago

Wow. You have way to much time on your hands. Waaay to much time.

Yep, we'll have it fixed a little later this morning.

Thanks- I'll sticky your comment (as the only relevant one!) once it's up and running :)