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Feature request: mass-mail to subscribers Answered

I have just realised how many people have subscribed to me (over 370!).

Since they have taken a special interest in me, I feel I ought to be able to reward them somehow.

I would like to be able to send a message to all my subscribers at once, giving them advance notice of ibles etc, to let them get first chance to comment or suggest improvements before I publish it to the general public.

Update: the majority of replies seem to be in favour or neutral.

(For instance, I currently have two projects awaiting publication that are complete enough for useful comments to be made, but not complete enough to publish properly.)

Would you have liked the chance to comment on a project a few hours before everybody else? Or to be able to contribute to it before it is published?

Or maybe you want to publish a project that is unavailable to the wider public because it does not meet the site's usual family-friendly standards?

Or am I giving the concept of subscribers more significance than I ought?


 man of kites...

Forum topics are supposed to go out to your subscribers, so you could simply post a forum topic with the unpublished URL. However, I'm not certain forum topics are actually going out in the subscriptions, so I'll look into fixing that.

That's not what I meant - if I posted a forum topic, anybody could look at the project.

I was meaning giving a preview only to those who are subscribed.

OK, I've got it now, and will consider.

Cool. No rush, though - you've probably got a long list.

now you have 82 cause after reading this i subscribed

OP updated.

Yeah, I'm on board with this idea.

As long as it can be implemented with some sort of fail-safe that keeps SPAMMERS from getting the upper hand with the mass mailing system....

I was specifically thinking about mailing to people who have chosen to subscribe to me, not to random swathes of the membership. If I abused it, I assume they would unsubscribe.

Oh, I see. Sorry I misunderstood.

I personally think that's a great idea, maybe a request to some of the staff could get an update for the site?

That is the point of this thread - the Team will read it (because it's in the feedback section), and the rest of the members get to put their two-penn'th in as well.

Oh, righto then, well, good luck on getting it all sorted out. :D

I like your thinking.. Perhaps, a better way to do this, would be that you can 'pseudo publish' an instructable. That is then only visible to subscribers for them to comment etc. Then if and when, you can publish it fully? That way, people can't take advantage of the system.

I was thinking about just sending a link to the unfinished projects, as we can already do on a one-by-one basis, but I have almost 80 subscribers (I'd get bored sending!).

Or maybe a partial publish - sort of like when we had that bug and all our unpublished projects turned up in our subscribers' inboxes (such as this example), except there is a button to click to say "publish to subscribers".

Thats what i mean, your partial publish is what i meant by pseudo pubish.

OK. Not much response, though - one for, one against. Anybody else?

if a feature can be implemented why not ?


9 years ago

Being a Kiteman subscriber; I support this idea.

Completables should go here somewhere.

All of your stalkers subscribers may be spooked if you respond to them. But wouldn't advance notification be redundant if they check on you incessantly?

I don't think subscribers do check on their subscriptions all the time - they crop up on your "activity" bar, but at the same time as they appear in the main lists.

Don't you think it would be nice, though, to get a sneak peak at a cool project before the rest of the site do? Certainly before the general public do?

I prefer to get shocked and awed with the rest of the commoners. It's more fun that way.