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Featured Author: DeandrasCrafts Answered

Did you see our newest featured author interview with DeandrasCrafts?  Is there a question you wish I had asked?  Now's your chance!  Ask it here!


I love your work so much!!!!!!!!


4 years ago

I love your work! And it's great that your kids are so involved in making projects with you. What are their favorites, and what skills do they want to learn?

Oh my goodness thank you! I am honored by the compliment.

My daughter has already asked if she could learn to crochet. I told her I would try teaching her when she turns five (she's almost there!)

My oldest boy (8-yrs) is interested in videos - how to make them, what's involved, but when it comes to editing, he seems to zone out. He took all his own photos for a mini-stop-motion-lego movie, but was really disappointed that the camera he used did not focus well up close. It was a definate start to hopefully a new and yet to be improved skill.

The three-year old - well he just wants to do whatever the older two are doing, even if his fine motor skills aren't as advanced. =)

You can see the 25-second totally 8-year old made stop-motion video here:


Thanks again for asking!

Yay! So excited you've joined our ranks, haha!!

I really liked your advice to be proud of what you make, no matter the response you get from others! I need to do that more often. :D

Awww! Thank you!

You are always so awesome to everyone on this site. I do feel like I am in the presence of greatness when I look at all the amazing featured authors and I think "I got picked too?"

Seriously though, I am proud of people who post AMAZING things. It's crazy how talented people are!

This site reminds me daily that there is still hope for humanity. =)

Welcome to the club :). I feel sorry for myself that I got to know you and your amazing ible so late.

You are awesome :)

Oh my that is an absolutely amazing comment coming from such a talented man! Thank you so much! You made me blush - in a good way of course! =)

Hey, Congratulations on becoming a featured author! Your ibles are fun and unique! ^_^

Aww! Thank you! You are so kind. You have amazing talents as well and I'm excited to read about your featured author in the eventual future! I know it will happen! =)