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Featured Author Interview: watchmeflyy Answered


I recently had the joy of interviewing watchmeflyy.

Connie Yu was interviewed quite awhile ago, but her interview went missing for a time when the featured author interviews stopped. Since we've changed up the format a little, I wanted to share some of her answers that didn't make it into the interview.

If you have any more questions that you would like watchmeflyy to answer, here's the place to do it!

Where are you from? Do you feel like your home affects how you work or what you create?

I was born and raised in the west side San Francisco, a 10 minute jog from the Pacific Ocean, but my parents trace their roots back to Guangdong province in China. Growing up in a low-income family of immigrants, I couldn't just ask for model plane kits or other toys that my peers flaunted; I had to come up with my own toys and use what I had to entertain myself, my way. This developed my resourcefulness and creativity early on, so I'm glad not to have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth. As for what I create, that mainly just depends on my mood. The quote "Necessity is the mother of invention" usually applies, as I make whatever I refuse to buy.

You do such lovely work with wire; what is about that medium that you love?

I love how wire can be so flexible yet so sturdy at the same time. Unlike paper, wire creations are generally more durable and harder to crush. It also lacks the problem of having excess sticking out; excess wire can be cut off, whereas excess paper must be tucked in somehow (no cutting in origami...). These added benefits over paper give wire more versatility, as I feel less limited in the creations that I can make.

Your pop culture oriented (geek) projects are such fun. What draws you create such projects?

Those geeky projects help me enter the worlds that I explore through books and movies. While I don't participate in cosplay, I do enjoy bringing little parts of the stories to life, and it's so much more fun when you have your own tale of how you created. For example, if you check out my Simple Suspended Shelf project, you can see pictures of a ceramic Haku from Spirited Away that I made in ceramics class – a tale of perseverance that I recount in exhaustive detail when anyone asks about the awesome dragon in my room. I also like my geeky projects because I can attach a special meaning to them as a continual reminder to myself. My wire Masamune from "FFX: Auron's Masamune" serves as a continual reminder of Auron's strength and determination to inspire my own, and my Aperture tank top from Portal: Chell's Tank Top (which I wear to sleep next to the plush Companion Cube that my mom and I made, of course) reminds me that if Chell could survive trial after trial, so can I.


i love those so much can i join the group i look like this


I think she's talking about the large group called Instructables. And we called it The Big Family ^^

Welcome to this Big Family @jbonar2 ^^

She's a great artist and making beautiful jewels. So inspiring ^^

Thank you so much for your kind comment! Your projects are quite amazing too (especially your Alohomora one).

Alohomora! That's just a bunch of electronics. But making the video was my craziest moment truly :D