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Featured Author: Kludge77 Answered


I recently had the chance to interview Kludge77. Not only does he have quite an extensive instructables profile, but he has his own YouTube channel. Check out the interview

If you think of a question I didn't ask, ask him here! 



2 years ago

What is the best way for me to suggest a project to you? (without having to find this page every time)

Shoot me an email! Its on my website and on my YouTube about page!

I'm pretty sure he has a Contact Me part on his website. I might be getting confused with other YouTubers though...

Yay! Congrats on being a featured author - I love all your ibles :D

I just loved your interview! Your projects are the best! The 1 thing I'm wondering that wasn't in the interview is where did you come up with your username: Kludge77?

Thank you very much!

Kludge has been my online name since I was 17. A kludge is "Something that works for the wrong reason." It's a patch job, a Mickey Mouse. I just identify with the term... :)