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Featured Author Must have the photo Answered

Sugiero que la primera imagen de cada "Featured author" sea la foto de dicho autor destacado.

I suggest that the first image of each "featured author" be the photo of that featured author.


I just finished adding the photos to all of the interviews. Thanks again for a great idea. :D


6 years ago

We can't all be as good looking as you are!

Oh, yes, that is a cosmic true, but it is not an excuse...

I believe it is a security concern for some....those that think they have some shred of privacy left but still post in the web :-)

It is possible to maintain some level of privacy while posting on the web.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm not so sure if it is even possible to live in a cave today with any privacy. It didn't work for the insurgents in Afghanistan at any rate.

You're quite right as you no longer need be "on the web" at all to not have any form of privacy....have a phone ? Cable tv? Credit card? A job? Club member? etc and etc. Privacy in this day and age means you're dead, buried, and NO head stone (IF you died before 1820) :-)

Yeah they'll spot you from a spy satellite in space these days. Anyone who thinks they've any privacy now is delusional. Data collectors know more about us than we do!

Absolutes are almost never correct. I agree that most if not all privacy is or can be compromised by various parties, but it is silly to say that you literally have no privacy at all online. If you don't have your image online (and your webcam isn't hacked), for example, your likeness is an aspect of your privacy that is preserved online.

Do you drive a car, go to school, rent an apt., bought a house....if some one wants it, they can find it......it may take some real digging but more is available then the g.p. believes.

Not if you keep it narrow enough, sure. I don't want to argue, I just wanted to make the point that, I have found record of people "on the web" that died before the web (or even desk top computers) were around. YOU don't have to post a thing to be there. A really industrious person can find out all they want to know about you. I have the added advantage of obfuscation, as there are so many in my area with my first and last name, and even a few with my odd middle name :-)

Hey Goodhart you're not going to delete all of your comments like Lithium Rain did so I look like I'm talking to myself are you?

But yeah I have to agree if you're on the planet just trying to live your life those who want to can find out about you today. They don't call this the Information Age for nothing!

I only delete comments of my own if others inform me they are offensive....I think I have done it twice now since being with the group :-p

The problem most do not realize is that, just using a cell phone, opens up ALL the data they put on, it, send through it, and register it with, out there in the hands of hundreds of thousands of persons, even more so then the internet does. 

I didn't delete your comments. I don't have the power to do that. I also did not report them.

Are you obtuse? I said you deleted your own comments.

She didn't, I did - deleted some of yours too.

I would appreciate it if both of you would stop arguing, please. There's really no reason to derail the conversation in this thread or any other to get nasty with each other.

Big Brother is watching you! (without irony).

Big something, but not my brother! Maybe a second cousin twice removed ...

1. You should have used the instructables suggestion box.
2.  Por favor, let me explain for you.
If you run across one of these featured author writeups, you see the links to them with an image of the author.  That part is fine.  When you click on them, once you are in the "guide" or "featured author" writeup, the staff member who created the interview has their profile information and avatar at the top.  You have the title "Featured author: Whomever" and immediately below is the staff "Author:" profile. This leads to confusion when you are reading the staff writer's profile information and thinking that is the featured author.  Since there is no larger image of the featured author that precedes the interview text or it appears only later in the project listing after you scroll down, one has to pause to see if they are reading the right article.
3. Other ponderibles, why didn't they stick a quick link in the header menus? Any comments in those featured author writeups go to the staff writer and the featured author is not notified so they can comment back.

1. Pardon, my "yes Bwana" English is a true obstacle for me.
2. You have done a perfect abstract of that I said. I think that a very simple thing to do is to put as first image of each "Featured Author" instructable, a photo of that author.
3. I understand partially this point.
4. Thanks for your concern.

Aw, don't put yourself down like that - I'm sure your English better than my Spanish!

Haha!! Surely in USA there are people that speak and write English very badly, that occurs in all countries.

When I was working had some professional mates that don't know to complete a paragraph. To understand their writings one must had to pick up the phone.

:( Yes, there are sadly very many people in the US who have terrible language skills. Where are you (I forget)? It's sad to hear stories like that.

Entendemos ahora! Buena sugestion de escribir.

We understand now! It's good you wrote the suggestion. :-)

This is a good idea - perhaps I could add the photo in manually so it is centered above the interview? I will have a look when I post the next one. It'll be up on the 19th. :)

But just in case anyone is curious, the best place to see all their photos is in the guide: https://www.instructables.com/id/Guide-to-Featured-Authors/

Thanks for your concern, Jessy.

I think that a very simple thing to do is to put as first image of each "Featured Author" instructable, a photo of that author.

Then that instructable would be like the attached image.


Yep! That's almost exactly what I was thinking. I'll have to put the photo right above the text in the guide, though. Right below my author bio. There's no way for me to insert the picture between the bio and the title that I know of!

I've also been trying to make the author's username a link in the intro to the interview so it's easier to find out who I'm talking about. :)

All the "featured author" guides have a picture of the author.

I say instructables, not guides, Kiteman.

So, instead of the usual thumbnail image, there's an image of the author?


No instead. The thumbnail is good, but it would be not the thumbnail of the author of the "Featured Author" instructable, but the thumbnail of the featured author. (My English not yet reached the tongue-twister level ...)

I'm confused - do you mean the avatar (like my scientist)?

No, I say the photo, that often (except you and a few others) is too the avatar.

When preparing the "Featured Author" instructable, they ask you for a photo. I say that photo.

En todos de los Instructables? No me gusta ese idea. No quiero que mi foto en Instructables porque no quiero que mi foto por toda la Internet.

No, solo en los "Featured Author", o sea en los que hace el Staff del sitio.

Pues, creo que están alli ahora...estás hablando de los viejos que no tienan ningúnos fotos?

(But, they're already there...? Are you talking about the old ones that don't have a picture?)

Por favor, lee mi respuesta de hoy a Jessyratfink.
Please, read my today answer to Jessyratfink.

Oops, forgot the English:

On all Instructables? I don't like that idea. I don't want my picture on Instructables, because I don't want it all over the internet.

No, only in the "Featured Author", ie those done by the Staff of the site.