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Featured Author: The King of Random Answered

Check out our most recent featured author interview with The King of Random!  Got a question I didn't ask?  Ask it here!


Congratulations For becoming a featured author :). Welcome to the club. and btw your family portrait is just adorable :).

That's weird...

I would think that a person like him would keep trying, not just give up...

I was wondering why he did that too... Do you know why?

all of you projects are excellent, i was wondering, what software do you use to edit your videos and place the animations?


Hey, I just wanted to say that you do inspire lots of my prodjects. I hope to someday make instructables as good as yours. I have one question. Have you ever won any awards for your awsome instructables? Also what do you think about making an alcohol stove for one of your posts? It would be a good post because lots of people don't have, or don't want to get a hot plate for kitchen chemistry. Plus it's a cool thing that I think would be very popular. Thanks for reading. It would be really cool if you responded. Thanks for all of your awsome post. I constantly check for when a new one comes out. Always look forward to what your making next.

My younger brother loves your youtube channel when I told him you had a instructable account he was so excited.


4 years ago

Love your work, and am not surprised to hear it takes so many hours to make high-quality videos.

Are your kids getting involved in your projects? And if so, what do they get most interested in/excited about?

Great work. You are one of my favorite authors on Instructables. I have done a few of your projects and they are always very well explained. Keep it up!

I love the Magic Mud project! Where did you learn that a potato could act with those properties?

Super cool!

Finally!! Congrats, sir! One day I hope I'll be able to make videos even 1/10th as good as yours. It's so hard to do!

Love the family portrait too, so cute! :D


You do a lot of experimenting with your many different projects, What kind of job do you lead in life or what kind of degree do you have? You have such a large range of projects that you extend yourself towards that it makes it really difficult to decide if you are an engineer, chemist, or some other scientifically/mathematically involved career!

Great questions. I am an airline pilot, and have been flying for 13 years. I don't have any formal degree because all my projects are self taught. It's my way of learning and exploring the world. Take them for what they are worth :)

Thank you for taking time to reply! I think that it's cool that you can do all of this just by learning in your free time. And I think that it's helpful to inspire other people to do projects like you do as well. I'm still just in high school and do not have a ton of resources on hand for me to do a lot of your projects, but I do what I can and am always looking around for things to use to create the smaller but still important projects you make. So keep up the good work! And thank you.


4 years ago

I just love your youtube channel. I subscribed there before I knew you here in instructables. You are excellent in creative thinking and execution. Have to say I just love all your projects, and even if I can't do some of it, I love reading and watching it :-)

Love your work, and am jealous of your apparent ease at posting such highly developed content. My question only arises based on the FA profile you post here - how to do get such ripped arms? Somebody call a vet, because those pythons are sick!

Thanks Mike! What you see as "apparent ease" are actually the results of months of painstaking testing, development, and editing. It takes as much time as you think it does :) Thanks for the compliments!

You do it so well :)

I'm all over your Youtube channel, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Yay, about time!