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Featured Author: Tomatoskins Answered

I recently had the joy of interviewing Tomatoskins. Not only is he an awesome maker, but he's also a Community Manager here at Instructables! Check out his interview!

If you have any more questions that you would like tomatoskins to answer, here's the place to do it!


hey! my name is sagal, and I'm around 12 years old. this might sound to you weird, but I always love the fact of thinking, and i always think of how things work, and how can i do at the same time, so do you have any suggestion for me please

Yep buddy.

If you always think of how things works.

Trust me you are a genius!

Hack around the things at your home. Document it, publish an instructable and let us also see what you think.

You love thinking, and always think about how things work? At the same time?

Where's the question?

How did you come up with your Instructables name, And why?

Hahaha that story isn't as interesting as most people would hope. Back when I was signing up for an account seven years ago I was just looking to contact the author of this MP3 Player instructable. I have always struggled with unique usernames. Not thinking that I was ever going to need my username or login much I didn't really care what it was. Well, I happen to be eating a tomato at the time and the username 'tomato' happen to already be taken, so 'tomatoskins' was the next logical username to me. Since then it has become my username for a lot of platforms. Almost anything with the moniker 'tomatoskins' is me.


2 years ago

Ii totally remember the 8 ball in a wooden block! I am a bit curious about his younger age, in perticular what do his family think of his creation as he progress?

My mother says that I was curious about how things worked from a young age. I started working with wood around the age of 8. We had recently installed a wood fence around our yard which produced a large amount of scrap wood. To this day, my family is often confused at how I think, but they say if they give me enough time I usually come up with something interesting.


2 years ago

Nice interview btw... thw re imagining robit is a fun one!