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Featured Author:Partybot Answered

Check out the latest featured author interview with Partybot!  Got a question you wish I had asked?  Crazy costume ideas?  Share it here!


Yes! So excited to see your interview posted! Your giant mustache costume is one of my all time favorite things posted here. It makes me laugh every time I see it. :D

I love the story about the minions going to visit sick patients in the hospital!!! Such a wonderful use of a costume. Do you have any other similar stories associated with other costumes?!?!

The original costume, Partybot, has a similar role. We visit friends in the hospital and on one occasion the nursing staff had me do the rounds of the whole unit for kids and adults alike. It's tough to focus on being sick when a robot is dancing to Lady Gaga out of the blue. He also attends every half marathon friends run as a cheer leader playing Rocky type montage music. Lately he has been asked to be the robo DJ at a couple weddings. My inbox is "unique".


4 years ago

Awesome costumes!

Do you have a dream costume you just can't make (yet) due to budget/skill/tools/time limitations?

I really want to build a baby T-rex costume. Unfortunately in the process I would fill up half my studio making other projects much more difficult. Someday!

More giant smoke-belching unicorn heads please!

I'd love to, just waiting on the commission :)

Bravo, PB!