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Featured ....... Then not featured Answered

I submitted an instructable today and I was happy to see it be "Featured" but then I checked it out about an hour later then just to find out that the "featured" icon is gone and my instructable isn't featured anymore. What gives?



Randy and I battled a thumb war over this. I've fixed the feature flag.

First guess, an inexperienced or broader-minded member of the Community Team featured it, then somebody complained about it via email, so a member of HQ unfeatured it.

You've got to remember that this is a family-oriented site, and heavily biased towards school-use as well, so projects that may be seen as part of "an alternative approach to sexuality" will inevitably not be promoted as widely as more mainstream projects.

(You should see the fuss caused whenever perfectly-respectable lingerie gets posted!)

Had a look - would say that sounds about right...

Don't fret, sometimes it's a few over active worry glands in people that cause this.

Hmm been a while since I got shouted at for publishing anything...

Many fraternities use paddles as symbols for initiation since now hazing has been frown upon in many colleges and universities. I did not see anything wrong with the 'ible and did not find any hint of any alternative lifestyle. I believe that someone maybe overreacted. I believe that it is a great Instructable and you successfully showed how to use a laser engraver. I personally like it. Can you make one for a teacher that says "Attitude adjuster"?