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"Featured" banner Answered

After receiving two "your Instructable has been featured" emails this morning, the 'ible in question
doesn't have the "Featured" corner-banner, and my "Featured" stat is still at 75%.
Was the "Featured" congrat sent erroneously? Has the site just not updated yet?

Thanks for your time.


It's a bug, but not the bug you think it is :-)

That I'ble was Featured at Category level, in this case in Workshop. You get the e-mail for all levels of featuring, but the content is not really as clear as it could be.

The corner banner is applied for all levels of Featuring in the "recent I'bles" browsing pages, but only top-level Features get the banner in your profile.

Fine by me, thanks for the clarification, and your time.

There is "channel" or subcategory featuring which is not the same as the front homepage featuring. It is still confusing with the notifications and I think you only get the bonus 3-month PRO membership with the homepage featuring and the image label. I think your ible is on the featured tab listing under workshop.

Gotcha, thanks. I'm not trying to be a jerk- I was just wondering what was up, since I published two 'ibles within a few hours of each other, and both eventually got "featured" email notifications, but only one got the banner and bonus membership.

I don't think any of us though you were being a jerk. You asked a very reasonable question, and one which a number of members have asked since the "new" three-tier Featuring system was deployed during the summer.

It is confusing, and the e-mails are not as clear as they could be. I know Staff have put in some effort to clean up the latter, but it's not as high a priority as some other problems (like the log-out when you try to download PDFs problem :-).

I'm glad that we were able to clarify things for you!

I agree. It is obscure enough that I didn't think more than a few people would even look at it.