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Featured instructable never made the main page? Answered

Do all featured instructables go on the main page?

usually, when I get a feature, It is featured right away, and for the next day or so, I see it on the main page. I posted a cutting board a couple days ago that got featured about 24 hours later. The problem is that when it was featured it was too late to go on the main page... Is this common? I get a lot of views while on the main page...


It depends how many projects get featured in any particular day - the more get featured, the less time they spend on the front page. If you get the email, and don't see your project there, click the "all featured" button to see what has gone before.

I did that, I looked immediately after I received e-mail confirmation. first on the main page... nothing, Then about 2 or 3 pages deep under the "featured" filter. I found it.

Exactly - the email isn't instant, so there's time for other projects to push it down the page on a busy day.

It should go on the homepage very soon after it is featured. Ignore that email. It isn't right in my experience.

alright... I can do that... lol its just weird... usually when i got a project featured i get a couple thousand views... maybe its just a boring project. lol

I think we've just had a influx of good projects lately, too - the homepage stay is not as long as it has been! My latest two projects had less views than normal too. :)

Good on one hand, bad on the other! haha

Yeah, I just don't understand the internet people sometimes. Some things people love when I expect them to hate it, and they hate what I think they'll love. Crazy people.