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Featured instructable pictures by category disappear after 10 seconds on the home page Answered

Just noticed this tonight, since going to larger pictures on the homepage a bizarre thing has started to occur.  When looking at the homepage for more then 10 seconds, the pictures in the category fields blank out and are replaced by white squares of the equivalent size.  One picture in each category remains however, and always the same pic.  This does not change even if I sign in/out, reboot explorer or reboot my computer for that manner.  In the morning when I get home I will see if this is also occuring in firefox.  Anyone else notice this or is it perhaps the odd filtering playing tricks on me at work.


Please try clearing your browser cache and see if it's still happening.

I've been having this issue as well. I hope something can be done to resolve it soon. Google Chrome, for what its worth.

Well, that doesn't seem right at all. I passed this on to those who will be fixing it very soon (If only there weren't all wiped from Maker Faire!

Well, perhaps they will be able to take it easy. At home on firefox the issue has been resolved thanks to the advice of drknotter, seems it is a cache issue that I was able to clear up. I had tried this in explorer though at work yesterday to no avail though.

Just got home an hour ago, brought up the page in firefox and low and behold, disappearing squares here too. Rats, wishing it was just being messed up the filters at work, guess not.


This was happening to me too, In Chrome, but after I refreshed a couple of times, the issue resolved itself. I think maybe something was stored in the cache from the last page setup that was making the thumbnails disappear. Hope this helps.

Forgot to mention but once the pics experience the white out phenomena, the link to the instructable is also severed. uh-oh, nothing good will come of this...

What software are you using?

I'm not seeing this with FF4.