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How do I get Featured? What do i need to improve on my instructable? https://www.instructables.com/id/Create_a_Cylon_Domo/


I don't think there's anything wrong with the Instructable as such, it's just not outstanding. Or in other words hasn't caught the attention of admins enough to engender "Wow, we must feature that!" in them. They don't feature everything that's good, only the stuff they really like. L

I think that's a common misconception that's sprung up - that if it isn't featured, it isn't great, or very valuable, or there must be something wrong with it. As you point out, that is not so!

I forgot to add that some things are featured because they're novel or unique, rather than amazing. L

. They need to put that link at the top of every page.

First, make the videos embedded - upload them to YouTube or similar, and then embed them here to make the watching easier.

Secondly, and this is much harder to do, is the writing.

It needs to flow, which is something that only comes with practice, but the first thing to think about would be to break blocks of text up into smaller paragraphs that are easier on the eye.