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Featuring Guidelines Answered

Having your Instructable featured means you are an excellent author, and you're providing some of the best content on the site. We want everyone to see what you've made!

When we feature your Instructable, it's our way of saying "You are awesome, and we love you!"

So what does it take to get your Instructable featured? Read on, my friend, you have come to the right place! You can also check out this handy Instructable that will walk you through posting a Feature-Worthy Instructable.

There are currently two tiers of featuring we use to promote great content and reward our awesome authors:
  • Feature: Your Instructable will appear in the Featured Feed, and you'll receive a free pro membership which can be applied to your own account or given as a gift to another member!
  • Homepage Feature: Your Instructable will appear in the Featured Feed, as well as on the homepage, and you'll receive a free pro membership which can be applied to your own account or given as a gift to another member.

For an Instructable to be featured, the main criteria we look for are excellent documentation and reproducibility. These break down into the following points:
  • The title fits and explains the project. 
  • The introduction should state what the project is, and the reason or motivation behind it.
  • All photos should be original, bright, clear, and in-focus.
  • Projects should be broken into enough steps to be easy to follow, with sufficient photos and explanatory text to allow the reader to understand the process.
  • Grammar and spelling should be good enough so as to not be distracting.
  • Projects should be complete and contain all the information needed so others could reasonably duplicate the project (if the reader were to have the necessary skills and access to similar tools and materials.)
  • Lists should be included of parts/materials/ingredients/tools used, with links to sources as needed, as well as links to references.
  • Whenever possible, the inclusion of downloadable files, PDF patterns, and so forth is desirable.
  • Video content (youtube videos, etc.) must be accompanied by photos and written step-by-step instructions, as outlined in the points above.

For a Homepage Feature, here are some additional things we look for: 
  • Overall stellar documentation 
  • Beautiful cover images
  • Content that is highly reproducible and has that “wow, awesome!” factor

Note that high levels of ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and/or utility in a project will often compensate for various areas of weaknesses in documentation, so these criteria should be viewed as guidelines and not necessarily hard-fast rules.

What about business-related content from bloggers, etsy-ers, youtubers, kickstarters, and so forth?

Can that type of content be featured? Absolutely! Any Instructable that meets the criteria as outlined above and contains real how-to instructional content can be featured. If you are in this camp, it's an excellent practice to keep your ulterior motives relatively subtle. For example, some of our best authors are also bloggers and etsy-ers, and many of these authors simply include a single link to their site or store in the last step of their Instructables. This is a perfect approach that allows their projects to get as much attention as possible on the site, but also plug their commercial interests in a way that is not overbearing or spammy. Being overbearing or spammy is the quickest way to NOT being featured.

Want your project featured?

Sometimes it's hard to see where your project could use some enhancements! Luckily, we have some great authors that will review your project and give you feedback at the volunteer-run Clinic

Do you get featured a lot? Why not spend a little time in the Clinic and help others get to your level! :) 


Do you want your instructable to be featured?  Then please read this:

It is very rare for a feature-worthy project to be missed, so it is not usually worth simply requesting that your project be featured.

Instead, if you want to know how to change a specific write-up so that it becomes worthy of a feature, please use The Clinic.

That is where knowledgeable and helpful people hang out, specifically to help authors improve and polish their work.

One thing that I would add is that timing is also a factor. As a general rule don't publish before a major holiday if your project is not related to that holiday. Its very easy for a project to get buried and overlooked in all the holiday traffic. Best to wait until after when things slow down. I made the mistake of publishing my last instructable right before Easter. After a week it's only had 44 views and probably half of those are me. I'm kicking myself for not waiting.

This also holds true for when there's a major contest deadline approaching. Contests will naturally get more attention so it may be worth waiting until after the deadline.

There is also that indefinable element of awesomenossitiness (hard to spell or say, let alone define!).

IMO, awesome levels of incredible ingenuity, cleverness, usefulness or originality can compensate for a lack in other areas.

Awe, you didn't use my spelling...

I think that is tied in to your levels of midi-chlorians or mitochondria or something.

Wow, excellent summary.

My first Instructible was featured on the front page yesterday, and I just found this post. I'm no expert here.

Which goes to show it's pretty much an intuitive process if you have something genuine to offer and can muster the photos, a vid or two and explain the process clearly. Step-by-step is the only way I can imagine ever doing it...

Ah, just found this again, it had sunk pretty far into the blog. Lots of good info here, thanks!

If you don't have an image for a step, but you have a video to take the image's place, would that be acceptable?

So long as it's not the intro step, sure. But it's also pretty easy to grab a snazzy still from the video, which will make people more likely to click onto that step.

Thank you for posting this! Important information that should benefit someone, especially the newbies.

I think interest in the subject that an instructable demonstrates shouldn't really count for or against featuring. That's like saying a video clip is bad because not a lot of people watch it, even though the video has mostly positive feedback from people who do watch it.

That's why it's part of the bonus checklist: homepage or category features should be of interest to people besides those who already know and like the subject. As I said above:
This personal storytelling aspect also increases the chance an Instructable will be interesting to someone not already familiar with the subject. While some topics are more generally interesting by their nature, a high-quality, detailed, awesome project will grab almost anyone's attention.

This means that, for example, a crochet or K'Nex project isn't likely to appear on the homepage unless it's a subject or story that's likely to appeal to a broader audience.  Make sense?

Yeah I guess so, but I still find it kind of unfair that topics with broader audiences get better chances of being featured, even with the storytelling at all.

Very nice. This is a good list.