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February will be Tool Tips month Answered

We wanted to give you, the forum readers, an advance notice of what will be happening for the month of February. February will be Tool Tips month here at Instructables and we want to see people documenting how to use their favorite tools. The tools that can be written about are pretty broad. This can be a cordless drill or a sewing machine. If you use it and have some advice, we want to hear about it. We'll be giving away patches and t-shirts at the end of the month. If you want to enter an Instructable, just remember to publish it from Feb 1 - 29.


Great timing! I already have one planned

Tools? No Valentine contest? Dang, and I had a cracker of an idea as well, not a scrap of science involved, all from the heart (literally). Ah, well, I'll make it anyway - she deserves it.

I'm guessing there was a demand for something a bit more... "manly"... after all the knitting and crocheting. :-D

Ug, me man, stick sharp things in wood.

Dear, have you got the tweezers? I seem to have a splinter.

Ug, real men stick things into their hands, legs, or arms, and not necessarily sharp things :-)

BBQ cook by fire good microwave cook by magic. kill magic cooker!! oog make mission statement: ogg chisel up floor tiles, then stick chisel in knee (actually happened to my dad)

Now there's a tool-tip for you: If you stick your chisel in your knee, you will always know exactly where it is - no more lost chisels!

My dad was using a Stanley knife to trim vinyl floor tiles. Luckily the blades are so sharp that he didn't actually feel it when he sliced the tip of his finger off.

I haven't had many mishaps with sharp knives, it's the dull ones that get me. And hey seem to hurt the worst too :-)

I have emplanted a flat head screwdriver into my palm already at an angle that allowed me to press about 1 in to 1.3 inches of the greasy tool into my hand. Not a fun thing to do, but it didn't hurt as much as the time I nearly cut my little finger off with a pocket knife :-)

emplanted *sigh* I meant implanted

i nearly got myself tightening the stupid screw on top of a dremel. the undersized screw driver slipped. the worst was when the tip of a fully heated 45 watt soldering iron came flying out at my leg.

I was prying a pump apart :-) which a very sturdy flat blade screw driver with a 3/4 in wide blade on it. I didn't realize my own strength in that I drove that into my hand like that :-) Oh, I don't even want to get started on soldering iron mishaps LOL Did you ever drop or knock an iron off the stand only to realize it is probably better NOT to try and catch it ?

I've been quite lucky, DIY injury-wise. I've been connected to the mains more times than I care to remember, but the only serious one (nearly lost the use of both hands) I was young enough that I don't remember it (either that or I burned the memory out...). Otherwise, I fell through my Grandma's ceiling, but was unharmed thanks to my Dad being underneath me and breaking my fall.

We want to have options for more than one group. Besides, this is open to the "less manly" tools as well.

Ok, sorry for the distraction: tips for tool use, would this include eclectic use also (uses that are not in the design specs) ?

Good stuff! So, do we make an instructable on the tip, even if it is short?

Yes. Also, these can be full-on tutorials for how to use the tool or just a couple of steps to show the tip.

Yea!!! I just got my latest Tshirt (Thanks Fungus) , and seriously, they're the most comfortable t shirts.


10 years ago

Nice--I'm not generally motivated by contests. But since I already had a tutorial planned, cool....