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Feedback on Coffee mug/ coffee machine n how to get featured? Answered

Hi guys i wanted to get some feedback on my instructable


i think is a very good idea but for some reason i can't get much feedback.

so i'm coming to the forums for help..

also what do you guys recommend to improve my chances of getting featured? seems like thats the only way to get views and get tons of feedback... 

any help on how to improve my instructable would be appreciated..
also if you have feedback post it on the intructable itself



oh wow thanks i didnt know a lot of this <- Newb

Have a look at the feature checklist. It'll help you evaluate your own instructable. I'll also take a look at your ible and give you some feedback. I think the concept looks good!

I took a look at your instructable and I left a comment there, but I'd rather give you my '2 cents' worth of criticism here.

I think your concept is good and you've show a number of good photos, but some of your sentences (in my opinion) are hard to follow and run on a little. I think you could benefit from doing some proof reading to fix spelling mistakes and grammar.

The introductory paragraph to any instructable is the most important. Its what members read first and will decide whether to read on or not. So it should be clear and to the point on what your instructable is or does. I wouldn't recommend referring to other instructables unless they are required for the instructable you are writing about. I also don't think its a good idea to ask people to vote. You can achieve the same thing by stating your instructable is entered in ___ contest. Referring to other projects is also a bit confusing.

For each step, you should clarify some of the instructions by using "image notes", especially when you want people to refer to an image. One of your sentences says, "Notice that the only thing keeping the top part together are these small pieces of plastic.." Using image notes would help a great deal in pointing out the pieces you are referring to.

Lastly I would clarify some of your titles, and the "materials list". You mention a brand name coffee cup and then another coffee mug. I'm personally not familiar with that brand name, so I don't know precisely what I'm looking at in your images. You could also offer up some alternatives (when possible) as products are not always available in every country, but Instructables is.

I hope that helps.