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Feeding your MICRO TURBO Answered

Is your little stream or creek to small to power a turbo generator. Try a Rampump This has several advantages that would not be possible without the use of this most humble and highly functional machine. A Rampump with a small head , can move the water to a reservoir or tank to an elevation of up to 50 - 80 feet, almost no limit with high head. Working around the clock this device can move a lot of water. Volume moved is dependent on water flow and physical size of the pump. with 50 head ft. the micro turbo can output some serious power. 10-15-20 minutes each hour. while draining the reservoir


My Face is red. That is recent. a good job too. and made from almost nothing, Impressive.!

. If I understood the iBle that lemonie linked to, your design is very similar to that design, but your drawing makes it much easier to understand the theory of operation than the pictures.
. I'm invoking the Addendum To The Zeroth Kiteman's Law and charging you with posting a hydraulic ram iBle.

L O L.! America has come full circle , Once again the British Rule. Thank You for the generous complement. I originally drew this to post on a web site in Austraiiia,

. Most of eltigre's pics just show the outside off the ram. He did a good job of explaining the theory, but "a picture is worth a thousand words."
. If you decide not to do an iBle, I think your graphic would make an excellent addition to eltigre's work. It is very informative.
. I suggest that you move from a pixel-based format to an object-based format. It makes editing sooooo much easier. YMMV.

Nacho, I really don't have time to actually build one , I have been working on my house that I started about 6 years ago. I was hurt badly from a fall about 3 years back and did not get much done on it for a year. I still have the master bedroom to finish and 3 more kitchen cabinets to make. I will send a PM to eltigre for his approval . I am pleased to share. Object based format, not ready for this, I'll have to purchase the Computers guide for dummies

I thought you'd be interested in that one. L