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Feel a magnetic force? Answered

I was just wondering is it possible to fell a magnetic force on your skin and if so how?



its impossible to feel magnetic attraction as it does not effect us as we are made of non ferrous materials. sorry

Actually not true. We DO have some ferrous components.

Directly and consciously no - however many people have the innate ability to know which way is North perhaps from visual clues or from a magnetic sense, many animals have ferro magnetic compounds in their bodies that can sense the earths magnetic field.


7 years ago

Only indirectly, put a small piece of iron or steel on the back of your hand and a strong magnet in your palm and you can feel the pressure of the steel against your hand increase as it is pulled towards the magnet.
You can be scanned by an MRI, which uses extremely powerful magnets without any sense of the magnetic force. And, you are standing directly above a giant magnet, the earth's iron core, with no sensation of its magnetic field.

Well, it is a giant magnet, but the field is pretty small (1 gauss).


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In the last few years I read an article where soemone had n40 neodymium magnets the size of grains of rice coated in epoxy (for safety) implanted in their fingertips by a surgeon.

They reportedly could feel even minute magnetic fields, particularly those changing fields around wires buried in walls - they reported their fingertips (very sensitive to touch) could pick up the tiny trembles from the magnets.

That said - they also advised against anyone doing it for infection reasons - and repeatedly wiping all the magnetic cards in their wallets.

I've read about that but as I recall, (its been a while) they determined that the guinea pig, err... the test subject was feeling the pressure implants affected by the attractive/repulsive of the magnetic field on them.

Agreed - it was a tool to sense something they weren't previously sensitive to.


7 years ago

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On the subject of magnet sensing ;
  1. A friend I know can tell me when a bunch of magnet wire turns on a nail in a small project box are pulsed while she sits and the box rests above her knee. This box runs on a uP with a regular and random pulse and blinks a tiny LED only I see,she taps my knee with a finger dead correct every time.
  2. Birds, bees, bacteria and fungi are also sensitive to the earth's magnetic field.

yes it is. hold a giant magnet in each hand. then bring them closer together. the sharp pain in your knuckles is caused by magnetic force.