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Feeler: Mac 1.25GHz G4 DP with 23inch ADC cinema display Answered

I'm thinking of upgrading my Mac, and display issues are depressing me. I have the oldish ADC (Apple Display Connector) 23inch cinema display. It's a lovely display, but connecting it to a new mac or PC apparently requires a large, ugly, $100 adapter (ADC having gone away.) So I'm thinking of selling the old mac and display to cover the cost of a new monitor (BIGGER. $700 or so.) The boxes are long gone, so I'd prefer a local SF Bay area sale. And you'd have to wait till after the replacement system arrives. Would anyone be interested (at that $700 price)? I think 1.5G memory and 320G disk. Mirror door, older superdrive (writes DVD-R but no DL), no FW800. USB 1.1 (Hmm. I think I have a USB2/FW expansion card that works but interferes with "sleep" function. I'll throw that in if I find it.) Keyboard, mighty mouse, 10.2 (?) install disks and 10.4 (tiger) on DVD (so: older iLife apps.)



10 years ago

Any offers below $700 ?

Sorry; I successfully sold it locally (with another mac) for $600, to someone who had a similar system and wanted to add more for his kids. So he now has three of the "mainframes" and a new display for himself.

No problem. At least the kids will have fun with it. I am glad someone got it. Congratulations on your new display.