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Fiber Arts Contest Questions Answered

If you're looking at that new Fiber Arts Contest and just can't figure out what the heck it's supposed to mean, you're not alone.

Traditionally we've run knitting contests on Instructables.  I love our knitting contests, but I know our community is capable of doing so much more with yarn and other fibers that I wanted to open it up to all sorts of skills. 

The contest page describes acceptable entries as involving "Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting, and Tatting," but I also encourage entries for tools and tips that accompany these crafts.  You might notice it does not mention sewing.  This is not a sewing contest.  Let me repeat that:

This is not a Sewing Contest

We will be launching a sewing contest next week, so fret not! 

So my takeaway from this is to stop with the confusing contest titles, but
"The Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting, Tatting Contest" just wouldn't fit on the thumbnail!


Today is the 4th... are there no results out yet? Or does no e-mail mean I lost...? :c

I apologize we extended judging a day to accommodate some of the judges. Winners will be announced tomorrow.

Thank you! I didn't know; I've never done well in a contest before, haha!

why was the judging deadline extended? I've been holding my breath for 2 weeks now! Im so excited!!!

Sorry for the delayed announcement. Finalists were just announced and winners will be announced on Tuesday 12/4. There was a schedule mix up due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

How about bran muffins? They are an important part of a high fiber diet.

You might get some looks with that Flashing LED coconut shell bikini/mankini.