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Fiber Optic Illuminated Heels Answered

I found these gorgeous Fiber Optic Illuminated Heels on Fashioning Technology.  These heels from Anastasia Radevich's Kinect 2011 collection.  They are illuminated using fiber optic technology and turn on with switches placed at the ankels.



7 years ago

Super cool - but can you actually stand up without breaking them? There is (almost literally) a ton of force pressing on those heels...

I was wondering the same looking at the picture - maybe an up-close shot would yield some interesting details as to how each little part of the heel rests on each other and drives the forces into the heel tip, not to mention what material is used here. Alternatively (and prolly a few years from right now !) I'd be curious to see it 3D-printed !

I'm not sure, but I would love to test a pair out!

Such awesome shoes!

Check out this site too: http://www.francescacastagnacci.it/index.html
This italian designer has a whole line of fiberoptic shoes, bags with fiberoptic liners, and some interesting fiberoptic hats

a good innovation of engineering...........

Same thought as Jeff-O, can't wait to see a pair on the dance floor though!