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Fiberglass and Lexan/PETG in a home oven? Answered

I'm looking to make a helmet here soon, but, I need to make a visor for it. I know I can use a heatgun to shape Lexan/PETG, however, I have heard that using an oven is a better choice. My question being, if a fiberglass mold/template save to put in an oven? It would be a pepakura process mold.

After reviewing some steps, I need to amend another question onto this: would it be better to use another material for a model? Again, I would be using a home oven, and using PETG/Lexan. The new material would have to be castable, as I would make a positive mold of the inside of the visor, to composite for the thickness of the PETG/Lexan.


Careful with the oven. You don't want to keep the oven door closed while your heating the material. It needs to be vented so the harmful fumes from the material don't build up in that small space.

Check the fiberglass you want to use and see what the heat tolerances are.

For acrylic about 130 - 150 deg C

PET about the same

How hot do you want it to go !