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Fiberglass cloth for props: any pointers for tight spots? Answered

I recently started making a helmet doing the pepakura and fiberglass process. I have the helmet made, and three coats of resin coated on the inside. But now, I need to put the cloth on the outside. SO question at hand: how do you get fiberglass cloth into tight edges?

Here's a picture of the helmet to see what I have to deal with. The ear bits are where I'm having the concern at.



First of all, nice job on the helmet so far... I hope you're doing an ible for it?!

To fiberglass the outside, you'll want to get the thinnest sheets you can get. Some hobby stores have them (for model planes etc). They are more flexible than marine fiberglass thicknesses and will be easier to use (but strong enough for this purpose).

Cut a number of narrow strips (abt an inch wide). Working with one strip at a time, apply a thin layer of resin to where you are working and lay the strip down starting from one end. Use an exacto-blade or another small tool to help you lay the strip into recesses while you hold the other end of the strip. As you continue to lay the strip, ensure that you don't tug on them (otherwise it'll pull up from the recessed areas). For outer curves (rounded areas), you may find that a pair of cuticle scissors are very helpful in snipping the sides of the strips as you lay them down (as cutting the strips will help them to lay over the curves). If you don't have cuticle scissors, you can find them super cheap at most pharmacy type stores or a dollar store.

Again, if you work with smaller pieces and simply overlap them as you go, you'll be able to maintain the shape. Then just follow up with coats of resin.

Thanks! I was planning to, but I think I will skip on this one, as I am actually using and following another instructable members ible for this (linkage: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-cosplay-helmet/)
I may make one for another helmet I have planned, though.

And that is fantastic to know! I was unaware there was different thicknesses to fiberglass cloth like that. And the laying tips are great as well!

Thanks for the answer and help!

You're welcome. I'm glad you found a method that will work for you. :-)

The magic words are "fibreglass TISSUE".

I'd be inclined to stiffen up the inside with one layer, to give myself something to push ONTO, without distorting the shape.


Two steps ahead there! I have about three coats of just resin on the inside right now to avoid distortion.

As for the fiberglass tissue, that gives me an idea what to look for in town or online (if it comes down to that).