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Fight Simulator Answered

I just had a great Idea last night. Okay, I think we've all seen those $250,000 homemade flight simulators built by people with just a wee bit too much time on their hands (like anyone who goes on instructables). One of the main reasons these are expensive, other than the computer themselves, is the fact that there are multiple LCD screens surrounding the pilot. These things cost a few pretty pennies, so this is where my idea comes in. The first thing you would need to do, would be to arrange some semi-opaque plastic panels where you would usually have the LCD displays. They need to be opaque enough that you can't see through them, but clear enough to let a good bit of light through. In other words, they need to be translucent, not transparent. The second thing would be computer software. It needs to be able to totally invert your desktop display. You could do this with hardware, but it would be a waste of time and materials. Connected to your computer would be a digital projector, which is where all of the magic of this project comes together. You run the projector through a prism (what kind, anyone?), to slightly warp the projected image. You need this warpage (is that a word?), to counteract the different angles of the plastic panels. The projector is set up in front of the "cockpit," projecting its inverted, warped image at it. You can see the images on the inside, because you chose the correct opacity, right? The hope behind this idea, is that it is much cheaper to have 1 digital projector, than it is to have multiple LCDs. Thanks! MDJ



7 years ago

I built one using plans from RogerDodger.net. It was pretty cheap to build, and a whole lot of fun to use. You don't have to get all nutty about the display - I used a device called a TrackIR, which tracks your head movements and adjusts the screen view accordingly. It works much better than you think it would, and while it wasn't cheap, it wasn't bank busting expensive either.

(I know this thread is old, but did you ever build one?)


10 years ago

Well, for a start, you need a box with a chair in it. Add armrests that have Joysticks and keyboard. Add a screen and your good. Then, move into the complicated stuff. Reply with questions.


Reply 10 years ago

I'm aware, but my idea is only for the display portion of the simulator. Thanks for the help!